Before Week 3 ends, let me apologize for neglecting to publish the posts for the discussions this week! You had all the content there in the Week 3 agenda, which you can use to guide your work for the week. I didn’t want to overwhelm everyone with all of the posts, and then never went back to post them <embarrassed face emoji>! I’ve now published the one for discussing the two readings about education in disciplines close to your own, and another to discuss Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave.” You hopefully all saw the post for Project #1 that asked for you to contribute questions to help us develop our education narratives.

Thanks for noticing and bringing my error to my attention. We haven’t gotten to know each other as well as I usually would in a face-to-face or hybrid course, so it’s especially hard for you to be sure you’re in the right place all the time. I’m trying hard, but I’ll be extra diligent not to omit something like the discussion post.

To help everyone connect better for this course, and to be better able to support your learning, I’d really like to start holding voluntary synchronous sessions. Then everyone can ask questions and benefit from hearing the answers. Depending on how many of us can be there, we can treat it as a discussion session, or it can be more for you to ask for clarification about things related to this course, our FYLC, the college, life, etc. We can also use these sessions as writing labs, where we spend the time writing and can pop up with questions as they arise.

What would be helpful would be for you to let me know about your availability for the potential office hour times I proposed–a few of you did, but not enough for me to make the final decision. No need to fill it out again if you already did, unless your answers have changed. In the meanwhile, I’m happy to meet with you by appointment at a time that we can agree on. Also, I am planning to meet with you during ARCH 1101 this week.

Office Hours

Share your availability for Office Hours
  • Please share your availability for office hours. Participation in office hours is not a weekly requirement, but it's best if you are available to participate as needed