Some things that stood out to me about the course this week are the “Maybe I Could Save Myself By Writing” essays, the questions, and the free-writing exercise. The essays were interesting, attention-grabbing, they weren’t boring which is something important for me because I don’t like reading. The questions leading to what would I include in my own education narrative had me really thinking about what I would write about. In the free-write exercise, I mentioned how I need to work on my time management so I started working on it. Connections I see in the “Maybe I Could Save Myself By Writing” readings are how they’re are relatable to people, can teach you something, and are even inspiring depending on which essay you read. Between all the readings they connect because they all work together to help better understand analyze the text. What I read didn’t really relate to me as a student right now however it did simply as an adolescent because it’s something I experienced and still sometimes that’s why I didn’t find this reading so boring. One thing I didn’t really like about this week’s course was the Morrison and Bunn readings because they didn’t grab my attention, they weren’t too interesting to me. Although these readings weren’t really my type they still were productive readings, the authors showed me a different way to interrupt and analyze text.