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ENG 1101 Week 2 Agenda

We’ve finished one week of the semester so far–congratulate yourself for that accomplishment!

Class Info

  • Date: 9/2-9/8
  • Meeting Info: All of our meetings will be asynchronous, meaning you will do your work throughout the week on your own time. Our weeks will begin on Wednesdays. Work will be due on Wednesdays and at other points during the week as noted in the weekly agenda, usually with Monday morning as a deadline to join a discussion so we all have time to respond to each other. Optional synchronous meetings will be available, as well as office hours, which are opportunities to meet synchronously with me individually or in a small group. If time permits, I will visit your ARCH 1101 meeting to use a portion for ENG 1101.

To-Do Before Class

For the start of Week 2, be sure to have completed the work assigned in the ENG 1101 Week 1 Agenda, most importantly:


Introductions continued; beginning of ENG 1101 Project #1: Education Narrative


  • To consider and discuss aspects of education and educational experiences through the lens of writing

To-Do This Week

If you’ve never taken a fully asynchronous class before, it may take a while to get used to the ways the class functions without real-time meetings. The work for the week includes what you would do in a classroom as well as what you would do to prepare for class and what you would do outside of class to work toward a course project. This week, much of it will help us learn more about each other and ourselves in this collaborative environment focused on developing as writers. The agenda might look like a lot, and it likely is a lot, and we can talk about that, too. I’m not imposing incremental deadlines throughout the week except to say that it’s helpful to share your work by Monday so you can come back and comment again before Wednesday. We can decide if it makes sense to add smaller deadlines throughout the week to help with time management.


  • Last week, all of your writing for ENG 1101 could have been completed without signing up for the OpenLab or joining our course. This week, our discussions can still be completed without joining our course on the OpenLab, but you’ll need to join to be able to write posts. If you have any problems, please let me know either by email (jrrosen AT or by asking a question publicly here on our ENG 1101 Q&A.
  • Review the ENG 1101 Syllabus and Course Schedule. Ask a question, make an observation, or share something that you noticed by commenting on the Syllabus and Schedule Q&A post.
  • Throughout the week, make a list of words you encountered for this course (or FYLC) that you need to look up and where you encountered them. You’ll be able to add words you learned to our shared Glossary (coming soon!)



  • Freewriting: Freewriting is a great way to explore what’s on your mind, either in general or in a focused way. It can help get you ready for other writing, and can help you focus and clear your mind. To get started, set a timer for 10 minutes, grab your notebook for our course (or use your computer or tablet) and set everything else aside. Spend the 10 minutes writing. If you think you’ve run out of something to write about, write about that! You can either spend the time writing about what’s on your mind, or you can try a focused freewrite: Write about what your reading habits are, your reading preferences, and reading challenges. Write about your writing habits, preferences, and challenges. If this works for you, try this often. If this didn’t work for you, try it again!
  • Discussions: We’ll write about the different readings we have for this week. Rather than discussing them all in one huge discussion thread, we’ll break it apart. Follow instructions for discussions about collaboration, about how we read, and about telling an education narrative.
  • Posts:
    • Reflective post for the week: Write a post (about 300 words) about what stands out from our course this week, both positive and negative. What connections do you see among our readings, among the comments and posts you’ve read, and between what you’ve read and what you’re experiencing as a student? Give the post a title that helps readers understand what the post is about. Choose the category ENG 1101 Project #1. Add any tags you want (you don’t need to use a # for tags)

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