Please Post Final Presentations Here

Please post your final presentations here on OpenLab by 2 pm today for Tuesdays group and 2 pm Thursday for that days presentations.Β  You will all have an opportunity to make minor changes and post your final work for grading to blackboard by Friday May 22nd midnight.

To present today you will likely have two PDF files – one for your sheets and one for the Fixed Animation PowerPoint.Β  I ask that here you post the plotted sheets as individualΒ  images so they are visible.Β  The PowerPoint can be one file with a link.

Please select the Category .Final Presentations > Prof. King & Select yourself as a category as well.

Presentation order as follows:

Presentation Date Name
Tuesday (2:30-2:45) 5/19/2020 Williams,Alana
Tuesday 5/19/2020 Ulerio,Rangel
Tuesday (2:45-3:00) 5/19/2020 Tan,Jun Hao
Tuesday (3:00-3:15) 5/19/2020 Szpin,Hubert
Tuesday (3:15-3:30) 5/19/2020 Rodriguez,Joshua L
Tuesday (3:30-4:00) 5/19/2020 Kuang,Mei Fen
Tuesday (4:00-4:15) 5/19/2020 Khabelashvili,Tea
Tuesday (4:15-4:30) 5/19/2020 Dirsio,Juan
Tuesday (4:30-4:45) 5/19/2020 De La Rosa,Estarlin J
Tuesday (4:45-5:00) 5/19/2020 Casseb,Raphael A
Β Thursday (2:30-2:45) 5/21/2020 Perez,Daniel
Thursday (2:45-3:00) 5/21/2020 Ortiz,Ashley
Thursday (3:00-3:15) 5/21/2020 Mendoza,Carrie
Thursday (3:15-3:30) 5/21/2020 Manrique,Brian
Thursday (3:30-4:00) 5/21/2020 Lee,Richard
Thursday (4:00-4:15) 5/21/2020 Jablonski,Dominik
Thursday (4:15-4:30) 5/21/2020 Hamdan,SaJida
Thursday(4:30-4:45) 5/21/2020 Estevez,Emmanuel
Thursday (4:45-5:00) 5/21/2020 Centeno,Victor
Thursday (5:00-5:15) 5/21/2020 Ahmed,Faizan


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