Notes for Improving your Class Presentations

The following are my comments on how you can work to improve your presentations. They go for everyone.

Notes for improvement:
• Definitions and vocabulary of terms is helpful.
• Note your sources – so as not to plagiarize.
o If all of the sources of code and drawings are from a single source note this at the beginning of the presentation.
o If all of the sources of code and drawings are from different sources note each one.
o If the majority are from a single source and others are not then make a statement at the beginning “All drawings are sourced from “xxx guide published June 20xx” except where otherwise noted. For the otherwise noted – name these individually.
• Title slides and credit all your team members. Make sure you give yourselves credit for the work you do – so you can say Research developed by Team 01 including (person1, person2, person3, etc.) and presented by (person 1).
• Consider a clear table of contents for the presentation and show this at the start.
• Consider a uniform format for the team. Do this by having a single person create and then share the Powerpoint template

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