Means of Egress Presentation


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  1. zhik says:

    my question is about emergency light, we know that it runs on separate back up power in case all the power goes out, i was curious about what that back up power is and where does it come from? as well as how do you guarantee that the back up power wont go out as well with the original power, or for instance gets damaged by the fire before it even goes on.

    • stevenson says:

      From what I understand most of the emergency lights you see (those big boxes with the two bug like light on them) are self contained units meaning they usually have batteries in them. If the system gets shorted the battery in the unit powers the unit so that there may be sufficient light for that time. I will check on this furthe just to make everything sure.

  2. zhik says:

    thats the answer i was looking for. =)

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