Sugestions to research seminar students

To the future research seminar students. My suggestion to you is to find a topic you are passionate about that you can actually use in your future profession.  Not only will if benefit your knowledge of a particular subject. It could open up new possibilities that weren’t available before. Being able to network with fellow students or even employers. Finding a common ground could get you a position at a job site you perhaps weren’t even going for.
Another thing ‘Ill add is to avoid procrastinating. work on your project as much as you can even if it’s in small intervals. And also in the beginning of the semester take time to put your outline in order. It will be most helpful during the writing of your paper.
best of luck~


ingredients used to make memorable dishes are impacting our environment. The result from each stage of a foods cycle from the producer, processor, retailer to the consumer, contributes towards the instability of our planet ecosystem. The goal of going green and leaving a smaller footprint must be universally shared to ensure the sustainability of our earth. i intend to prove one way to do this by shortening  the food supply chain. using a 10×10 space at a hotel with latest methods of Hydro and Aeroponics, to grow herbs and produce depending on your wants and needs all while being cost effective and environmentally friendly. with little risk and plenty of rewards.