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  1. September 6th Assignment
    On September 6th we learned about the Brooklyn Bridge. We read about who was the architect behind the Brooklyn Bridge which is John A. Roebling, and the struggles faced during the bridges construction, which finished in 1883. I found it amazing how humans were able to create such an enormous, beautiful, and strong structure especially for the lack of technology at the time. Another fact that surprised me was how many people died due to casson’s disease, which even took John Roebling’s life. This is why his son Washington took over but he nearly suffers the same fate so his wife Emily then took over. In class we drew the bridge in a Roman Imperial style of architecture. This style includes many coloumns, arches, and domes. We tried to recreate the bridge this way and had it represent Freedom, Harmony, and Strength.

  2. September 13th assignment

    In this article by Lewis Mumford we get insight on how he views the Brooklyn Bridge. He explains his love for bridges and emphasizes how the Brooklyn Bridge is his favorite. He seems to have really been in love with the bridge which could be attributed to the fact that he lived in Brooklyn Heights and walked the bridge frequently. He mentions a specific time he watched the city as he walked the bridge in March, saying it was better than every other time. His feeling for the bridge does make want to experience what he is praising about. After visiting the bridge for the first time during the field trip I can understand where he is coming from. The view was amazing and the entire bridge was truly a work of art and a great feel of history.

  3. October 18th assignment:

    1. Arthur D. Chapman created the source.
    2. The source was created in 1911.
    3. No there is no publisher that I could find.
    4. I believe the photo was taken to capture the beauty of the Brooklyn Bridge.
    5. This picture shows the Brooklyn side tower of the Bridge and the deck going across. You can learn more about the towers architecture from this photo.
    6. I could not find the catalog.


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