Final presentations

Post your final presentation as a link in the comments on OpenLab here:  [find this page via the menu (2) for assignments as well.

Don’t forget to follow instructions around

  • citations to images, etc. in the slide itself
  • bibliography on final slide

We have only two class sessions for presentations: Wed. 12/13 and Mon. 12/18. We will not be meeting on Wed. 12/20 (uniform finals day).

Groups will present by table. We’ll go counterclockwise (if you are facing the class) going to Dayana/Nicole/Kelvin first and then Ruthenbert, Claire, and Ann, etc.

TODAY ONLY, 12-11-17, If you want to trade slots in the presentation order, speak up and we’ll try to work it with your group.




Citations and bibliography for final presentation

Your final presentation should have the following

  • a citation for any image, map, figure, or quote that is the focus of a specific slide. It should be in a text box on the bottom or side of the slide
  • Your bibliography should be included as the last slide; new sources you have added should be included. Use MLA citation. Try to provide the following information:
    • who created the content (who created the map or the photograph or the sketch)?
    • title of the content (supply a paraphrase if there isn’t any, e.g. map of Roebling’s wire facility in Trenton, circa. 1857)
    • publisher if there is one
    • date of the content (e.g. the photograph is from X date)
    • source of the content if it is online, esp. if it is from a library database, e.g. Retrieved from ARTStor http://xxxxxx … on Dec. 8, 2017
    • URL of the content if online

Missing assignments

Contact us to discuss how you can make up missing assignments.

If you missed a field trip or an archives visit, we expect you to visit an archive or specialized museum like the Transit Museum, the Museum of the City of NY or even the NY Historical Society to make up the work via a report.

BQX Street Car/Light Rail

WNYC had a segment today about the BQX (Brooklyn-Queen Connector) Light Rail that we mentioned in class last time. This proposed street car would help connect Sunset Park to Red Hook to Downtown Brooklyn to Dumbo and ultimately Long Island City and Astoria. The BQX would provide public transportation for the waterfront.

The BQX is controversial. The WNYC segment helps to explain why.

From Ferry to Train: The Transit Transformation of Downtown Brooklyn Highlighted at New Exhibit

Interested in the transportation aspect of the Brooklyn Bridge and its terminations? There is a new exhibit, “From Fulton Ferry: Building Downtown Brooklyn” at the Transit Museum.  Brownstoner sums up the exhibit but we recommend you consider going in person! There are likely archival images, maps and other historic objects in the exhibit you can use for your final project.


NYPL Map Room directions for 11/8

Remember to bring pencils and your notebooks as well as your phones! We are meeting at 1 pm inside main branch of New York Public Library 42nd Street and 5th Avenue in the hallway outside the Map Room, room 117. The map room is officially called:

The Lionel Pincus and Princess Firyal Map Division, Room 117

A link to a Google map is included on the link above to New York Public Library’s Schwarzman building. This is the famous building with the lion statues.