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RR1: Mirrors and Windows


  1. At eye-level.
  2. Shallow space with the subjects.
  3. Main subjects are people.
  4. Perspective.

Mirror: is the daughter picture because of the smaller space of the neighborhood surrounding the family. The picture shows drama and mystery as to why is the young girl standing and her underwear in a slouched, shameful position. The groceries on the ground suggest either panic, shock or worried. The young woman also has grass on her back could mean she either fell or got pushed on the ground.

Window: is the Garry Winogrand picture because of the house sitting alone in the desert surrounded by mountains. The background of the mountain suggest that a storm is coming and the children are all alone. The older child is running after the younger child and the younger child seems either scared or worried maybe the parents just left and they were running to get their attention.