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final project

for my final project i wanted to either advertise watches or cameras. watches Symbolize Prosperity, Fashion and innovation. and i wanted to show the mystery behind a new line of luxury watches. I’d have a black backdrop with a spotlight on the watch. with the image cropped down to right above the model’s nose. i’d also have a back light to add dramatic  effect.

if i was shooting a camera i would use the plexiglass surface and have a black background have it back lit and spotlit.


RR4-Susan Sontag and Plato’s Cave

the allegory of plato’s cave to me means that we as humans need to look at reality instead of looking at images. images do not always depict what is really there. they can be distorted as well as enhanced to look better that what was actually there in reality. we as photographers use lighting shadow and different levels of contrast to help us enhance our images to our own liking rather than whats there in reality.