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Marielos Osorio: HW1 Advertising Campaign Analysis

Marielos Osorio


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The campaign “The Born Free Foundation: Disappearing Animals.” by Katy Hopkins & Steve Hawthome. The message of the campaign is to help rescue in danger animal species. Additionally, the photographer communicates this message by showing the animal’s emotions. On the picture the animals are looking directly at the viewer. This makes the animals feel alive and real. At first, the observer thinks there is more than one animal but then it becomes clear that there is only one animal and the rest are shadows, the picture look valance and complete. Further, it also represents the previous animals that once live and no longer exist because of deforestation, and humans hunting them down. All the pictures are frontal shots and eye level. The pictures are low-key as well. Furthermore, the primary meaning of the images is to protect these animals that are in danger and they carry on a feeling of hope and sadness. The dark colors help create this message by showing the animal that is alive and also the ones that are not longer alive. The photographer was very consistent with the images. All have the same impact, for instance, all have one animal and multiple shadows of the same animal but in different postures simulating the death of previous animals. Also, all the images are dark and they have an impact on you as a viewer. These pictures do not sell you a product, but they provided an idea to change the destiny of these in danger animal species. These images are both Mirror and Window. I think they are mirror because they make the viewer feel compassion towards the image itself. As an observer, you can relate and feel sad about this issue. I personally feel the connection by just looking at these images. Moreover, I thing these photos are a window because they exposed a real issue. These images are base on a realistic event that is currently happening nowadays.

Marielos Osorio Mirror & Window Assignment.

I think that when a photographer takes a Mirror image, they are focusing on emotions. The photo has a meaning. Usually, it is referring to the way the photographer feels about something. These images has a romantic feeling. On my opinion, I do believe that the photo tells a story when it is meant to be a Mirror image because I reflects emotions. The story can be about the person who took the photo and his or her emotions, and feelings towards something. on this photographs you can see passion.

If we talk about Window image, I think the photographer is focusing on the possibilities one might have or face in a close future. Meaning that the image do not necessarily has a story or emotion to tell. The image is there for you to see what is out there and its open to opinions. The image becomes a window of possibilities. In other words, these photos can be realistic and about real life events or settings.