Third Shoot Review

The Final Shoot was very rushed, so I was only able to shoot 2 models. Regardless of the limited time, I quite liked the end results from this shoot. I was able to capture a very dramatic mood in Antonio’s portrait by playing with the lighting and different facial expressions. His hair casted few shadows in his face which also added more to the mood that I liked. The portrait of Peter was very subtle, quite opposite of Antonio’s but also powerful by having his face at a 45 degree angle and eyes directly into the camera. Throughout the entire project I wanted to keep the images consistent but having their own unique quality at the same time. I was most successful at this on this shoot. For my final model, I shot myself in my home studio. This was difficult and took a long time. However,  I was still able to maintain the consistency I had with the other images. I chose not to use color for my face paint, since I had in 4 out of the 6 portraits taken, I thought this will have balance the group of images better as a whole.

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