Second Shoot – review

I was really disappointed with the quality of my photography for the second shoot. While the setup was arguably the same as the first week, I was trying to do trickier things and it really wasn’t working.

I was trying to get Antonio (who is a great sport) to look like lightning bolts were coming off of his hands. We tried the shoots in a variety of ways – having him stay in the shot so we could measure where to “draw” the lightning, and having him come out of the shot just after the flash went off.

When he stayed in the shot, he was blurry every single time, because it’ s impossible for a human to stay perfectly still for ten seconds, or even eight seconds, or six seconds. We tried many different exposure times and virtually none of them were usable.

When we had him come out of the shot, it was impossible to draw the lightning without overlapping where his head was, or somehow not getting the light to line up correctly.

By the end of the shoot, I’d reverted to my technique from the week prior, and not have him interact with the light. I was just too frustrated.

I got almost no usable shots for this session.

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