RR5- Poetry DavidS

My opinion about the e.e. cummings “she being Brand” poem, is that the way the is describing the way he feels when he is in this brand new car. This poem has a sexual theme in between the lines if you read it carefully. There some lines that can clarify this like “i touched the accelerator and give her the juice, good”. In the other poem “Coming Home Detroit, 1968”, my opinion is that he also describes the way he feel when he is driving a car made in Detroit. In this poem he expresses how driving in a car that is manufactured in Detroit gives him a visual of how he saw the city of Detroit in 1968, with people outside on the streets with “charred faces, the eyes boarded up,the rubble of innards, the cry of wet smoke hanging in your throat”. The way I find these two poems common is through the way both speakers describes their emotions through driving their cars.

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