RR5-Marielos Osorio



Today’s reading explored two ideas. These poems shared the idea of driving, but in different perspectives. The first poem “she being Brand” talks about the first time a man experienced sex. But the written uses a metaphor to express this idea. Evidence can be found in this direct quote from the poem, “the internalexpanding & externalcontraction.” Clearly refers to a sexual encounter and how great it feels.


The other poem called “coming Home, Detroit,1968 ” talks about the impact of factories in a city. It also refers to the segregation between people at that time. We can find evidence of this when the author wrote, “Rags, papers, hands, the stems of birches dirtied with words.” The writer emphasized the negative impact that a factory has on a city. “the charred faces,” clearly referring to African America people.


Clearly, these two poems have similarities. For example, in both people we have a male driver. Both poems talked about cars. The differences between these poems are the emotion the reader gets when he or she reads it. “she being Brand” its more erotic and energetic poem compare to “coming Home, Detroit,1968 ” which is more serious and sad. The way the poems are display it’s different. One is wild and the other one is solid, respectably.

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