Tera Cunningham RR4-Susan Sontag and Plato’s Cave

The allegory of Plato’s Cave is that photography now has given us a more broader aspect of how we look at things. The cave represents our world and how set we as people are in our ways. Photography has opened our eyes to see things in a different light. Something that is known as garbage can be photographed and made to look dynamic. Susan Sontag says “To collect a photograph is to collect the world.” meaning being able to take pictures everywhere gives you a feeling of having the world at your fingertips. Photography has rules and guidelines, it’s not just snap and go. There are different genres and styles. Photography can change allegory because different people can look at a photo and get a different feel to it. You can change the light and it can give you a different mood whether it is happy or sad. In short photography is a second pair of eyes.

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