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The allegory of Plato’s Cave is that photography gives a more wider knowledge in human. Photography makes it more possible to view the outside world without stepping foot outside your home. The story of the slave that escape from Plato’s cave and saw the world for the first time  and return to tell the story to his friends who have not recollection of him or understood his words. This is an example of the viewing of a photo for the first time and trying to explain it to a friend that has never seen or know of it.  Susan Sontag uses the metaphor of Plato’s cave to describe the role of photography in contemporary life that we learn a lot from photography over the years and the process of taking photos has greatly grown over time. Thus, its through these billions of photos that we learn and expand our horizon in terms of viewing the world. We live by the guideline we call photography.

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  1. rmichals

    You respond to the positive part of Sontag’s view of photography but what about the comparison of photography to the flicking shadows on the slave’s wall? If photography lies or misrepresents or is not able to capture fully the world, what do we learn from it?


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