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1. Microclimate Observations:

 What microclimates can you identify?  What makes each one unique?  What conditions create each of the microclimates you have identified?  What could you do to modify the microclimates?

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2. Historic Observations & Research:

 Historical uses of Waterfront.  Where do street and neighborhood names come from?  Artifacts of the past? Do you see re-use?  How does the past affect current and future uses?  Are past uses beneficial or will … Continue reading

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3. Circulation Observations:

 Types of circulation  (pedestrian, vehicular, bicycle routes, etc.)  (public/private)  Nodes and Transportation Hubs  Are all modes compatible? Are their conflicts? Where do they cross?  Wayfinding – what can you do to help people find … Continue reading

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4. Parks & Openspace Observations:

 Nature of OpenSpace (Hardscape/Landscaped Park/Waterfront)  Pattern of OpenSpace. (Figure/Ground and Ground /Figure)  Social and Historical Importance of OpenSpaces  Hierarchy of spaces from Private to Public.

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5. Land Use / Zoning / Activity Observations:

 Land Use/Zoning  Note building heights and uses.  What edges and adjacencies do you observe?  Seasonal Activity Patterns  Daily Weekday/Weekend Activity Patterns  Commercial / Residential / Industrial  How has use and activity changed over … Continue reading

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6. Environmental / Sustainability Observations:

 Ecology  Flora and Fauna  Noise  Sun/Shadow  What considerations for creating a positive environment?

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7. Hydrology / Topography / Materials Observations:

 Site Lines – (Views to and from)  Drainage  Material types (hard vs soft, absorbent vs impervious)

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8. People Related Observations:

 Who comes to the neighborhood & why?  Where do they gather & why?  How long do they stay in different locations?  What are the demographics?

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