• Clients Guide to Design

Although I did not have the opportunity to write a brief for the client in this internship, I had the experience of working in a studio and meeting a client who was selling children’s toys. I still remember the client I went to see with the manager of our studio. Before meeting the client, we have heard about the design project the client wants to do. Therefore, as the lead designer, I made a corresponding design work and brief according to the information we got. I hope to use these works to show my ability.

But what I can tell you is that none of these works were used by us in the end, because the information we heard was not consistent with the actual design project the client wanted to do. We think the client may have changed his mind before coming to the meeting.

This proves that it is not bad to do some pre-planned work before the meeting, but it may not be what the client wants. Therefore, it is important to listen to the client’s current ideas. However, it does not mean that the pre-planned work is useless. My clients are also satisfied with the works that I have done in advance, and they appreciate my designs. So they had more confidence in our studio’s ability to work, but then they came up with a more challenging idea and wanted to see if we could help him with it, and fortunately, we could help him with this challenging idea.

• Use of Illustrations and  Photography

This is guide is very useful for me because I consider myself a designer and an illustrator. I am pleased to see all the artwork belongs to the illustrator. The process of illustration is very hard. Because you want to express your ideas in colors and lines at the same time. When the illustration needs to cooperate with design, I think it’s even more difficult. Because all design is purposeful, but the illustration is free. It takes a lot of thought to perfectly combine this freedom with the inherent purpose of design. As a designer and illustrator, I can fully experience this suffering. If my creation does not belong to me in the end, I think it will make me very discouraged and disappointed.

• Copyright

As I said just now, we as creators will feel bitter and disappointed if our creations are used without authorization. It’s like having your child taken away from you. Therefore, we must be very careful to deal with copyright issues, such as the term of copyright protection and the use of copyright. This is the lease respect for a designer and a creator, which is also the legal right of all creators to protect themselves.