I finished my internship! Overall, I still gained experience during the bad situation of the pandemic.

In this internship, I completed two challenging works. I helped the company to do the rebranding twice. I’ve heard a lot of professors in school said that rebranding is difficult because you need to change an entrenched image and then to make a new and effective image. However, I still designed two new logos for the company.

I think I finished the internship fairly well because I felt that there were still a lot of things I didn’t learn, such as getting along with colleagues. The COVID-19 outbreak happened just as I started the internship. I barely had the chance to get to know my colleagues well.

I have to say, it is very inconvenient to work under an epidemic situation because all the conversations between people are forced to communicate remotely. Therefore, when some problems arise, they cannot be solved in time, which makes it very inconvenient and difficult to work. But for the health, we got no chioce.