ANIME Studio Fair!

Hello, everybody! I’m proudly presenting our 5th annual Fair. The Studio encourages everybody to come and have a look at our work. Many clients will be there to share their experience with ANIME Studio.

598 Lexington Av. Ground Floor.
New York, NY 12212


Mon-Wed 2:00-6:00 pm

Have questions? You know what to do!

Thank you, Hope to see you there.



Rocio Reyes


On anything!

Today ANIME Design Studio is proudly launching a new way to advertise your product.

We advertise any kind of the cartoon product. On handbags, leather bags, shoes, caps, skate stuff, wallets and mobile phone bags, keychain, phone charm, all the life products. Feel free to try it to see if you’ll like it (discounts available for trying). Its a unique way to show the world what your product its all about. We are the professional in this field. Please contact us for the all information.