Promotional Posters Idea:

Gym Myths in Women’s Fitness

My Proposal:

I started my fitness journey in the start of 2021 when gyms began to open back up after COVID-19 quarantine restrictions. In order to be safe and ensure that I’m not making any mistakes that will harm my body, I had to do scientific research and not rely on fitness influencers. As I was doing research, most of these influencers are capitalizing on the wrong advice to give women. They are selling women false beliefs about fitness so that they can profit off of their insecurities. I want these fitness myths to be exposed and inform other women the truth. Most of these women are shaming themselves for not seeing any body changes, when it is not their fault that they are being fed lies.

Gym Myth #1

Title: Fat Can Be Spot Reduced

Truth: Working out can reduce your OVERALL body fat, but you can’t control where that fat comes from.

  • Sketch on the left shows scissors cutting up the fat on the person’s belly, but instead of removing fat, it unveils the fitness myth.
  • Sketch on the right shows the false belief that we can target our belly fat and arm fat for reduction.

Gym Myth #2

Title: No Pain, No Gain

Truth: Physical pain is a response our brains send to our bodies to cease activity and evaluate injury. Our muscles need to recover and repair in order to see muscle growth. Therefore, REST DAYS are extremely important to see results.

  • Image on the left is a poster with just typography, no illustrations. The “no gain” is pushed down and weakened by weighted barbells, therefore giving it no room to grow. Through this typographic strategy, I am trying to demonstrate that too much pain or soreness can hinder growth.
  • Image on the right is a poster that shows a woman sleeping, taking her rest day. On the top of her you see a battery filling up, therefore demonstrating that her muscles are recovering and growing.

Gym Myth #3

Title: Lifting Weights Will Make You Bulky

Truth: Unless women take anabolic steroids or double their clean food intake, that simply won’t happen. Women don’t produce as much testosterone as men for them to build bulky muscles at the same rate as men. It’s blatantly sexist to think women shouldn’t look muscular anyway.

  • This poster shows a woman with a slender physique determined to lift the heavy barbell weight. She ends up being happy as weightlifting brings a lot of health benefits. Thus, bulkiness shouldn’t be the main factor to steer away from strength training.

Gym Myth #4

Title: Cardio Is The Best Way To Lose Weight

Truth: Weight training builds lean muscle mass, which both increases your metabolism and decreases fat much faster than cardio. It’s unfortunate that cardio not only contributes to fat loss at a slower rate, but also a loss of muscle mass.

  • This poster shows a woman, performing cardio, running on a treadmill for months. On the right of her, you see a progress rate of how much fat and muscle she is losing. She is losing fat at a smaller rate, while she is losing a significant amount of muscle. (This woman will not be a stick figure. She will be illustrated in my style)

Gym Myth #5

Title: Carbs are the enemy and too much protein is harmful

Truth: Simple carbohydrates are bad, but complex carbohydrates are good for you. Complex carbohydrates take more time for the body to break down and thus provide you with more sustained energy. This also makes them more filling, and therefore a good option for weight loss. You need protein to fuel your body for workouts. Protein can also help you recover your muscles more quickly, thus contributing to muscle growth, and boost your immune system for better overall health.

  • This poster shows a woman lifting dumbbells while also being powered or charged by the protein and carbs she eats. I will draw illustrations of protein and carbs inside the “FUEL” box.

Final Posters:

Illustration Poster
Typography Header
Typography Poster
Illustration Header
Illustration Poster
Typography Header

Color Palette:

Color Scheme


Emotions: energy and growth

  • This is a fitness related poster, thus energy and growth are often terms used in the fitness world.

Effects: relaxes, reasures, and revitalizes

  • Through these promotional posters we are reassuring women with facts and truths, without overwhelming them.

Positive Traits: Health, growth, and prosperity

  • The posters are intended to help women with their health and muscle growth. We hope that through these posters they are able to have a prosperous fitness journey.


Emotions: devotion, loyalty, and femininity

  • Our posters are devoted to providing women with truth, thus we must represent that we are loyal and reliable to them.

Effects: encourages, uplifts, inspire wisdom, and enlightens

  • The posters are encouraging women to take our truthful advice and provide them with actual scientifically proven facts. Thus, we are increasing their knowledge on fitness.

Positive Traits: compassion and wisdom

  • We care about women and want them to be informed.