The concert had a very relaxing and easy going atmosphere. The fact that it was welcoming helps attract newcomers, instead of intimidating them. Normally, people my age don’t necessarily listen to jazz music, rather pop and rap are the more common or preferred genres we hear on the internet. However, I liked this change of music style, it was refreshing and calming. Since I do not listen to jazz so often, it made me more open minded to actually listening to the composition of the songs. I noticed that the sound of the instruments aren’t surprising you or jumping at you, rather it’s attracting you to join the rhythm of the music and flow with it. In other words, the music does not scare you away, it invites you in to relax and loosen any tension you have. It honestly makes sense why you hear Jazz music on those study playlists on youtube, as it removes any stress or overthinking. It’s a smart choice to utilize Jazz in a crowded event like this because it relieves any nervousness from new people entering the event or creates a peaceful environment.

Pollinator Video

The video professor Valeria Trucchia submitted for the art event was very playful and endearing. The professor is making a stagnant image of a plant into a more lively interpretation, thus adding more fun and vibrancy to a daily mundane plant. The doodles adds cheerful movements and fluidity. I love how the professor is taking us on a journey to how she views the world. A simple plant is not just a plant to her, it’s much more interesting and beautiful, it evokes positive feelings and joyful emotions. It made me want to romanticize our world and realize how beautiful nature can be. Animations as uncomplicated as doodles can brighten a person’s work into something very light-hearted. Pollination helps plants grow into a graceful flower. The professor pollinates the imagery with doodles which helps the imagery grow into charming, aesthetically pleasing video. The fact that the professor pollinates the video with her interpretation helps the audience open their mind to appreciate the beauty of nature, much like a plant opens up to a flower.