A Communication Design Portfolio

Author: Angy Vasquez

Project 6: Poem In Color

In Project 6, we chose a poem that will inspire us to create a pattern. We wrote down key words that were significant to the theme or meaning of the poem. We then drew imagery that represented or demonstrated the word. With that collection of different images, we composed 5 different thumbnail sketches. I combined the ideas of each thumbnail sketch and made my final sketch that will then be transferred into Adobe Illustrator. I decided towards the end to change the format or grid system of the pattern. I made triangle shapes and reflected them to form a diamond argyle pattern. I wanted my poem to have comic book styled art in order to make my piece appear more dramatic and tragic, which mirrored the emotions of the poem I chose. The color palette I developed also induces sad and angry emotions similar to those expressed in the poem. I used different desaturated blue hues along with vibrant reds and yellows.

Project 2 Gordon Parks

In Project 2, we created designs that address themes relating to Gordon Parks’ work such as poverty, racism, and discrimination. For our first 5 thumbnail sketches we drew illustrations that represented racial injustice, while the next four sketches are illustrations that mirror his photographs but in our own art styles or interpretations. We then chose our favorite sketches and expanded it onto 9×12 Bristol Paper. We then gathered different materials like tissue paper and bubble wrap to use as mediums for creating numerous textures and patterns. My illustration is a recreation of Gordon Parks’ famous book cover named the Invisible Man. I made the man into a black woman, especially when there is not enough representation for black women. This demographic is the most mistreated because they struggle with both racial and gender discrimination. I wanted my piece to show how black women constantly live in fear and feel the need to hide themselves or be ashamed of who they are.

Project 1: Found Shape & Figure Ground

In Project 1, we observed a painting we were interested in and drew lines or shapes that resembled those of the art piece. We then combined the lines and shapes to create even more diverse inorganic abstract shapes. We then utilized those same lines and shapes from the painting to make a figure ground reversal portrait, where the shaded black form a shape and the left over white space also forms a new shape.

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