Logo History

The logo I chose to research is Lego. The very first logo was designed by the Lego Company itself (a designer’s name was not given) in 1934. The lettering was all black and featured the words “Billund – Denmark”, and was stamped on the packaging of their wooden block toys. In 1949, the company started to produce plastic blocks – instead of wooden ones – that interlocked and featured a new black, brown, and tan logo. Between 1950 and 1998, the company would go through ten more logos.

The latest logo was a redesign of the one created in 1973. It features brighter colors, “graphic tightening” (which allows for better digital usage), and larger words. The logo uses a round san-serif typeface that has been custom made for the company. The new logo works better because the round typeface gives it a playful look to appeal to children, has bright colors and boldness that attracts the consumers eyes, and the brick shape of the logo resembles the product.

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