Website Modification

I was assigned to upload pictures as demo for a product listing and also change image on the home page after being given the login information. This website was powered by and I was unable to find the homepage. I left without being able to modify the homepage, as the day came to an end, and I was told to leave and we could figure it out on Monday. I started working on this immediately upon coming into the office to figure out why I couldn’t get to the homepage, it didn’t seem to make any sense. The Shopify interface is very similar to the WordPress interface, so it puzzled me as to why I couldn’t find the home page. After some searching through their help pages I determined that we needed to purchase a store and choose a theme before we could have a homepage for the site. Anthony gave me permission to purchase the store for $20 per month, charged to the credit card on the account. Once the store was purchased and a theme chosen, new controls appeared on the interface and I was able to access the home page and make modifications to it. This site is still under construction and password protected, therefore I am not allowed to reveal its domain name.

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