Chef’s Cut Demo Recap

I was assigned to create a single sheet demo recap for a company called Chef’s Cut Real Jerky. Chef’s Cut is a new line of jerky that has two flavors of beef jerky as well as a chicken jerky and a turkey jerky. The company currently is doing demonstration promotions in grocery stores. I was given pictures and text and asked to create a demo recap sheet. By the end of the day, I turned in three versions. The following day I asked which version was sent to the client, I was told that the client preferred the second version (the one with the black box surrounding the text). Anthony pointed out to me that my text was quite close to the margins of the black box, I agreed. I obviously forgot to add more margin when I placed that box behind the text. If I am allowed to add this to my portfolio, I will correct the margins.

Demo Recap Boston1

Demo Recap Boston2

Demo Recap Boston3

I enjoyed this project because I was able to complete it within a few hours, this was rewarding for me especially because my first idea for the layout design wasn’t working. When I would have this problem with class projects, I would walk away from the project for a few hours or days if I was really frustrated with it. I couldn’t do that in this particular case, I had to complete it by the end of the day. There were a few times while I was working on it that I felt it looked awful, but then I minimized the number of pictures I was working with and scrapped my first layout idea, then it slowly started to come together. As the design started to come together, I felt more “in the zone” and enjoyed it more as I continued to create it.

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