Week 15 blog

As the hours are not yet met by coming to the conclusion that I will not be able 2 complete the hours in time by the end of the semester. I had various health issues in regards to my left wrist. This was a painful learning experience due to the fact I had to do things with my right hand all while being left handed. On the positive side, I have been becoming hey better motion designer by having to focus more on other classes that includes various motion techniques learning them, and also applying that to the Internship  itself.

Week 12 blog

This week I had created a motion design project for Kayode Co using images of jewelry. Moving in the composition are earrings in the silhouette of Africa. There is also the “ko” chain designed in gold. I decided to add a light leak to add the effect of flashing lights from the paparazzi. Keeping the post short and straight to the point was the goal in order to bring likes to the composition.

Dark Night Mode

Dark Night Mode is an app that adds an eye saving dark mode to your internet websites. I use this on every site including open lab. the harmful blue light the white background omits to your eyes will cause fatigue for some people. Dry eyes headaches and even mood swings can be a cause of the blue light omitted from your screen.

Text to speech that brings productivity

Text to speech that brings productivity is a chrome store app that converts files, blog posts & more to speech that can be used on any device. I use this when I am multi tasking between doing animation work and listening to an article assigned for class. therefore my reading assignment turns into a podcast!

Gordon Parks

March of people protesting.

I chose this photo because it shows that nothing has been changed since the 1900s. Sad but true. Personally, I don’t think the relationship between bad cops and people will ever change. Where there is hate there is violence. This photo could have been taken in the riots of 2020, and many people wouldn’t have noticed. Sad but very true.

Self portrait of Gordon Parks.

This gave us a timeframe and appreciation of when this was taken. Now all we have to do is reach in our pocket and take a simple selfie. This captured emotion and effort in taking a self portrait. Now it is much easier to do. We also now have the use of depth of field and color, along with photoshop and color correction software.

Woman watching kids and making supper.

Life was very different and simplified back then according to what we see in Park’s photos. Gender was a factor in determining who you will be and what you will do. Now times have changed where the option was in your hands as long as your parental duties did not change.

Week 8 networking event

I attended the post-webinar featuring Chairwoman Adele Newton- Watch ‘Women of Influence – Pioneers and Change Makers’ at SIGGRAPH. I liked the fact that these had working individuals have many years of experience and their own specialties. Mentors in their careers is a great way of seeing who inspired who to do what. Would you have done anything different in your career? most people would say what they wanted to do as a kid and I wanted to be a racecar driver. Not knowing lots of money is involved and being in my personal circumstance being young and broke, would be financially irresponsible. Marie Paul always wanted to be involved in graphics. She wanted it when she was younger, however, she wasn’t confident she would succeed. Overall this event was something to look at in different people’s shoes. Older women who stuck to their passion and had their own challenges in pursuing their passion.

APC NYC webinar

Hosted by Siobhan Dorks, president of the advertising production club of NYC. I learned that LinkedIn is a tool that needs more attention than we might think in order to optimize exactly what we want from it. In the video, Nigel Cliffe is an experienced multi channel marketer. Deborah Corn is the founder of peacock. Nigel is shocked at how many people are not updating their LinkedIn profile, and I’m also one of those people. How can we make our own personal brand more effective? We are a product of the people we are surrounded with on LinkedIn, this rang true to me because I am a student surrounded by other students. The difference from this event compared to the other two i attended is this is more diving deeper into using the LinkedIn tools such as messaging other people who you would like to work with, and even a portfolio view can make a connection happen where you can be a potential candidate.

Week 3 blog

I attended the Moving Pixels event meeting with professor Tiffany Jackman. We saw what amazing work she has accomplished and it really inspired me to look even more into advertising. topics covered were types of ads, methods and insight on a daily look over the course of the projects. there was a short window of q and a I linked with tiffany on Linkedin. there wasn’t a follow-up email after the event, it was mostly asking a question through linked in if you had a question. my take on this was insightful and exiting to be a creative!

Blog post-webinar

I chose to watch the webinar in regards to employment issues during a pandemic by AIGA. Shel Perkins and Wendy Stryker were featured in the webinar. I learned that almost everyone qualifies for unemployment, but the benefits are different. My take on the event was relevant to the fact that I lost my job at Century 21 department stores due to COVID-19. It was a topic of personal relevance, and it was a relatable event to millions of people who were and possibly still are unemployed.

Video Project

While making my video project I faced screen recording challenges and tried to make the custom web display layout on open lab. I managed to make the e-portfolio my subject and myself as the creator of the video. I liked the fact that we are given this opportunity to give ourselves a voice and display our work, this gives potential clients and recruiters a better sense of who we are and what we do, along with our design methods and a brief background of where we came from. Overall I feel like this is great for a start, and I really liked the learning curve of making a video project, this being my first of what I feel much more to come.

This link takes you to my clients landing page music video
An animated graphic I created for Uber Eats
An animated graphic for Honey Nut Cheerios
#BLM artwork

A magazine sample for a client

I created an Amazon book cover

Visual Quote Project

Project Description

Choose a quote from a movie of your choice and use creativity to visually display the quote.

First draft

For the first draft, I was thinking about my favorite childhood movie, Disney’s Pixar animated film: Cars. I then decided to use the protagonist Lightning McQueen with a handwritten typeface giving the impression than a child did this in their sketchbook.

Second draft

For my second draft, I decided to go even further with the sketch idea and added textures to the illustration that surrounds the quote and give Lightning McQueen a more noticeable look.

Third draft

For the third draft, I went for the wildcard effect, using an antagonist from a completely different movie (Darth Vader). I took the sketch look and made it into graffiti on a brick wall, and even placed Darth Vader as the one who has illustrated the quote leaving the viewer confused and buzzing about wondering, why choose Vader?