UFT trip

The trip to the UFT print show was very interesting to say the least. What I really enjoyed learning was how there was a machine for very specific task, for example i once thought that papers were just cut by hand but after visiting the print shop we learned of a machine that could cut about 1 ream of paper every 20-30 seconds with a laser guided saw. One machine that left me particularly impressed was the letterpress. the main process of the machine is putting in one of images that is on tablet into the machine grabbing a paper and placing it in the center of the machine.The actual technique of letterpress printing also known as relief printing using a printing press. The way it works is a person using the machine locks the movable type into the bed of a press, and inks it, and then you press the paper against it to transfer the ink from the type. Did was particular interesting as you could save the metal sheets used for the printing and always recreate the print.

Visual quotes

Visual quote #1

For this quote I decided to go a little less traditional, instead of using a font I created the words out of blocks and circles. each letter usually varies in size, some are either all capitalized or a variation of capitalized or lower case. I decided to not put a background image for this quote as i felt it would take away from the quote and the unique cut out letters. the letters remind me of fonts such as impact or metro as they contain sharp edges and perfect curves. I decided to keep it black in white as any other colors would make the composition seem less sharp and crisp. it’s centered due to height restraints. this visual quote is suppose to give you a sense of not only rhythm but careful and patient structure.

Visual quote #2

this visual quote i strayed away from images as well and did something a little unconventional giving the viewer a sense of 3D by only shifting the quote to the right and changing the color, this was done 14 times and not only does it give you a sense of 3D but also the effect of it trailing off. The font I choose for this quote was impact as i feel like it truly represents the individual (Bruce Lee). the 3D effect also gives you a sense of not only movement but feels like action as you feel like the text should be popping out at you.

Visual quote #3

This is my final visual quote for this one I decided to go a little more traditional. I keep it centered like all my other quotes and highlighted the parts of the quote that felt important, i made the text white as it’s  a good contrast to the dark blue of  the image, the red and yellow were chosen to stick out not only against the dark blue but to highlight the importance of these words. the image is one of my own that i created in illustrator and late placed in Indesign, its an image of space, swirls (cosmos/black holes), and starts which where then blurred with a Gaussian blur to give it a sense of distance. this visual is less about the quote and more about the individual and his sense of wisdom.



4 Posters I created that depict some of the things that influence me and I enjoy, as for the presidential Lincoln poster i choose to do Lincoln in a more alien and left him mostly faceless because 1.I’m not good with faces 2. looks kind of cooler.

Logo research

A brief history into windows

We have always lived in the world of the consumer, make this product, test this product, sell this product; some people may remember the name of where the company is from but most time when asked, they always draw a blank. since the beginning of time we have always wanted something to represent our business, our livelihood. A symbol a reminder of when  you look at it you’ll remember the name. Logo’s have the power to remind a person of what they are about to purchase or consume. A logo is the best representation of the name and how the company sees itself.

Throughout our lifetime most of us see companies that crash and burn, the ones that have stood the test of time are the ones that change, due to the new generation of customers companies are always rebranding and changing what they are to satisfy and attract new customers. Windows just like many companies before it and after it has gone through many changes; all relating to the update of their operating system, the logo has changed just as much as the operating system. Windows has gone through 8 changes with the rebranding of their logo. These changes have occurred to show consumers how much better and sleeker their systems are. Not only is it more simple to use but also sleek and new.

Windows is known worldwide due to the simplicity of their design. Many have confused their design for a flag, but what it is, is all in the title. It’s a window an, opening to a new world, something new for everyone. When revamping for windows 8, the company not only wanted to show consumers the new operating systems,  a new way to run your computer. a redesign was the best way for the company to represent their new metro style design. Few now remember the logo for windows 1.0 the beginning of it all many designers look back in awe as they see the simplicity of the design, no flash, no differentiation, It’s a sign that what you see is what you get, it’s a name and a small simple design, nothing more, nothing less.

Throughout all the changes windows has allowed to stay fresh and relevant to the public, the change in design represent a sense of moving forward and innovation, it’s not just a logo but a promise that things will never stay the same. Windows has pushed through to the future and the logo is one thing that many will always remember, most will remember the classic logo of the flag where the colors pop and hit you in the face. Now as time has passed the logo has gone a softer and more simple route giving customers a new sense of relaxation and simplicity.

Change is one of the most despised things in the world, we have become so stubborn that we complain when a company changes a few little smiley faces on our phones. Change is the one thing people don’t allow to happen, throughout time, microsoft time and time again have changed how we can progress into the future and each renewal of the windows logo greatly represents it well. As the years have passed we have seen the debate of windows vs mac, as the fight goes on i see a rise in window users who are finding the constant change of windows as opportunity and innovation, this is one thing always being represented in their logo.



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Personal logo & banner



When this project was assigned to me I had no idea what I wanted, I did know that I wanted some colors to pop and some to feel a bit more relaxed. for my logo I decided to go a little traditional but give it a modern sort of tone to it. I made sharp letters to sort of represent my personality which is sharp and to the point. I choose a light teal color to give the sharp edges of the logo a warmer feel and surrounded that with a slightly darker teal to give it a sense of toughness in a way. for the background I choose something I’ve always enjoyed looking at which is fonts from the 50’s and 60’s where they were a little more curved and inviting. I took a picture I had done in photoshop and recolored it and remade it with illustrator, I choose the words Coney Island because Its something I always enjoyed. I choose the colors red and yellow to give it a old and pop feel to it. I believe both my logo and banner represent me well because both not only have a soft feel and look, but the colors make the image/design pop, which represent not me but the type of work I create and enjoy doing.


I never really knew what I wanted to do, in middle school I filled my head with the thought to study psychology but soon became interested in art and design. In high school my interest in art became more serious, since a young age I enjoyed doodling and stop motion films. In high school I was introduced to Photoshop a program which made my mind race with outrageous possibilities, A new experience where all I could do is think of is whats next. This isn’t one of the first design course I’ve taken, already having some experience in Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign I am far from mastering the programs. What I do hope to achieve throughout this class is lean a little bit about everything, knowing we might cover film or photography is exciting.
As a so called “designer” I don’t necessarily find influence in the work of others, I sometimes choose something that I already have an interest in and find a way to warp it to fit my image. There are some artist who have influenced me though for one of my unfinished projects I took the influence of Milton Glaser’s Bob dylan poster and threw it onto a Pepsi design. I also took influence from an artist online (currently unknown  have to look him up again) who created 4 simple illustrations to represent the entirety of the film, I used his idea and made illustrations for a more obscure film. As designers you will always find yourself imitating someone else.