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Concept for final project (illustrator)

final project

for my final project I decided to go with a range of warmer colors, a light tint of blue, white, a shade of pink and a light saturation of yellow. My biggest obstacles are still proportions and cutting skills, from afar the composition looks promising and has a nice balance of colors. The hardest part for me was finding the right shade of colors each time. One thing that really stuck with me was finding the estimated guess for the color amount in an object, picture, etc.. for this project I used layering but without the use of transparency so instead of a change in color, the layering is in the composition. One thing I will also always remember is always buy extra supplies and if your composition isn’t flat enough pile some books on it.

Color inventories Ex

American Jazz Album Covers in the 1950s and 1960s

personal work

Notable album covers of 2015




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Journal entry #26


Color interaction

(Hue, Value, Saturation, simultaneous contrast)



NY times – Color 

For anyone who’s ever seen blade runner (1982) starring Harrison ford can immediately recall the dark colors and dull colors of the final scene, the bright neon of billboards and Ads of the street scene, well Blade runner 2049 will go in a very similar direction but will have points in where the film and the colors will pop. one scene in particular in the trailer where we get the most color which are mostly intense yellows and oranges is the scene where Ryan gosling is looking for Harrison ford. What interesting about this continuation of the story is how close they kept it to the original style and vision, where there are scenes filled with dull grays and blues and scenes where, your eyes move from one color to the other as the scene is being filled with life, and scenes where its two continuous colors all throughout sometimes giving it different variations of intensity. This will not only be a visually pleasing film but a great film to watch.

Simultaneous contrast & hue relationship

 hue relationship (color wheel)

   Simultaneous contrast

Simultaneous contrast – The manner in which the colors of two different objects affect each other. The effect is more noticeable when shared between objects of complementary color.

Hue relationship – interaction between different hues, independent of their saturation or value,according to where they lie on the color wheel.

These are the two things that stood out to me the most, for simultaneous contrast I never noticed how much one color could affect another so drastically. in the example above you can see how one color could be changed so drastically when surrounded by another color. In the lighter background the middle becomes desaturated and less intense while on the right side the middle becomes more intense and becomes more saturated and intense. As for hue relationship I never understood the importance of complementary colors, i would also go into choosing what I thought had the most pop and closed myself to other ways of looking at the work. Although complementary colors are such A good thing contrast can also need to wonderful combinations and can sometime create a sense of force and greatness that could only be achieved that way.

3 more companies and internships

The Tailory New York

Location: 9 East 53rd Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10022


The Tailory is A NYC based custom high quality clothing, they not only provide clothing for men and women but believe it should be custom tailored and be designed with only the individual client in mind.

The internship is being offered throughout summer, this internship would lead to experience and exposure in fashion business and the custom clothing industry.

Big Duck

Location: 20 Jay St #524, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Big duck helps nonprofits raise money, raise awareness and encourage recruiting through smart communications.

The internship will entail working under an art director to contribute to logo and and brand development, marketing efforts and so much more. this internship is good experience for anyone going into marketing and advertisement. this internship is available now.


Location: 535 5th Avenue New york, NY

Fresh Hummus. On Demand.

hummustir is a food production company, which advertises they’re product as a non gritty or chunky tasting hummus.

This internship is advertised as learning experience for individuals who are looking to be challenged in highly creative work environment, while building up your portfolio.


Internship information and applications


Big Duck,+New+York&tk=1bdpbp3oi5mahddh&from=ifa&utm_source=publisher&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=new_york&pub=b148f6eb86762a21588f2ff120d86e470cace3277f6b99df

The Tailory New York


Transparency and Layering with value

3 Companies I find interesting in working

1. Charged studios – Charged Studio is a small company centered in 2-D and 3-D animation. They have with other major corporations, including UPS delivery, Subway and Nickelodeon. what I really found interesting is their stop motion work creating things such as the sniffing dog for nickelodeon pictures and the subway orange monster.


2. Milton Glaser Inc – Milton Glaser one of the founders of the founders of push pin studios. the reason i find interest in this company is because I find Glaser to be one of my influences. through MGI very select designers might find employment but along with sharing their own work, Glaser’s work as well is sold through their online store. for the select few who don’t know of Glaser’s work his most popular works include the I ♥ NY design as well as Bob Dylan’s psychedelic poster.

Location: 207 E 32nd St,New York, NY 10016

3. Madwell – A very small design company in Brooklyn, although small, they assure customers that will be satisfied and that they’re work will make an impact. they’re client list includes companies such as Vita coco, Lycored, Justin’s, etc.. they’re work for Vita coco can be seen throughout NY. although small Madwell gives their customers complete attention while delivering quality work.

Location: 243 Boerum St, Brooklyn, NY 11206



Layering and transparency thumbnails


layering and transparency CPH


  • what i found really interesting about these pieces is how strong transparency is towards the compositions for example for the first composition is made up of silk and what the artist wanted to achieve when printing on his work was create a sense of dimensions through the transparency, titled visual fruit, Hitoshi Ujiie was able to not only able to achieve dimensional effects through the transparency but movement as well. the other examples are also both strong examples of transparency as well due to the fact that for the second example the artist not only wanted to capture the flower but see through the flower as well. and as for the third example the transparency is a little more subtle as the white background sort of reflects the transparency back towards the object


  • i’m a huge fan of typography and strong visual hierarchy. for me the strongest example of layering is the poster designed by rudy Vanderlans and P. Scott Makela what I really enjoyed looking at this poster was the strong visual hierarchy as theres a lot of movement it doesn’t take away from the title and center point of the poster, the position of “fact twenty two” although obscure in some parts is visually pleasing and not over powered by the rest, as for the layering in this piece you can clearly tell where everything belongs and where it been placed. as for the other two examples although much more simple, the layering is very strong and very present in each illustration. unlike the first example the second example feels a little more forced and random and the third example although stays very obscure feels a little more free flowing.





funny venn diagram

The reason i found this funny/amusing was because of how correct it is. whenever i have typography assignments i always find myself going back and using IMPACT its become one of my favorite fonts to use, so i relate very much to whats being shown.


Journal #16 pt 1 Definitions

Tonal progression – A succession of color mixtures proceeding from dark to light. (

(value change also vary in hue and chromatic intensity.)

Informal – a decrease of intensity from dark to light color mixtures.

Shade – To render the values of light and dark in (a drawn figure/object, etc..) in order to create the illusion of three-dimensionality. (

informal – to place or distribute values of light and dark tones to a form or object so it appears to be three dimensional.

Tint – A color or a variety of a color; hue.

– A color diluted with white; A color of less than maximum                             purity. ( (

Informal- a range of a solid color. ranging from solid to light.

Tone – A quality of color. it has to do with whether or not a color is warm or cold, bright or dull. (

Informal – the intensity of color.

Venn diagram – A diagram that uses circles to represent sets and their relationships. (

Informal – A tool that allows you to compare and contrast between two subjects.


Journal entry #16 pt 2 examples

tonal progression




  venn diagram


In process

what I’ve learned throughout this project is continuity through design how you can take a design and relate it to the next one. during this assignment one thing that was holding me back was over complicating some designs for example the middle one turned out different then i imagined, even with that information i am very satisfied with my composition so far.


Movement and Rhythm CPH

movement and rhythm are two of the many important design principles, movement allows a designer to make his work move. for example in “CUBEARC” by Tauna auerbach she creates a sense of an ascending tower and it feels as it could fall down and spring back up at any moment. Rhythm is kind of the same as movement as it gives the viewer a sense of movement but instead it creates rhythm by closely repeating what has already been produced. “Arrow Motif” by Tommi parzinger is a great example of rhythm the arrows pointed down create a sense of falling to the ground while the arrows pointed upwards create a sense of them shooting through the sky. both are great examples of movement and rhythm




Strong Visual Hierarchy

when creating and setting up a design one thing many people overlook or don’t bother doing is setting up Visual Hierarchy. why is it so important? visual hierarchy allows the consumer/customer/audience to view something in a structured manner. I choose these three examples not only because they’re great examples of strong visual hierarchy but they’re interesting and intended for a smaller range of consumer. (bottom picture) for this example i found the hierarchy to be particularly strong this example is very interesting as its a continuous Ad which forces you to look at the poster right next to it. for the bottom example the hierarchy bring you in with a strong dark green background and a shining glowing battle in the foreground. this allows you to keep looking looking at the Ad where right next to it you read JAGERMEISTER with a dark orange bar to make the dark green letter sharp and strong. for the last example there’s nothing to special about the hierarchy this was created for you to read from top to bottom and deliver information to you which it does. visual hierarchy is important to any designer and should be used always.


Rhythm and Movement

These examples of both movement and Rhythm are the best I found, my opinion being a little biased towards some as i enjoy a certain type of art style and art form. what i enjoyed about my choices for Rhythm are these are both very simple illustrations that play with contrast which gives the illustrations a sense of rhythm and also movement. for my examples of movement i was a little more picky about what i wanted to choose although choosing an example that was shown in class one particular post that i enjoyed was the work of Matt medium where movement could be found all throughout his work. for example my favorite illustration of his is the one of the flying one eyed owl which appears to be melting creating a sense of movement in that sense, also which includes to that is how the owl seems to be taking off. these are just a few examples of the post I enjoyed.




Contrast artwork

contrast is a powerful element of design, it allows the designer to make either one thing stand out above the other or helps you focus more on a portion while allowing you to fully appreciate the whole work of art. i have chosen these specific designs due to their use of contrast. for example the color contrast charge chart collage allows you to see the effect one color has on another, either by completely changing it by making it darker or lighter, the dark gray background truly emphasizes all other colors. another example of this type of contrast is the poster by Troxler he instead of choosing a dark color show you the affect white has on surrounding colors by showing us how a simple contrast makes a color pop and brighter. for my final example the poster by Pullman truly shows you how to use contrast, by putting a red apple in front of a black background he knows that the viewers eyes will always fall back onto the redness of the apple. other than the apple the white also creates a high contrast against the black bandanna we see in the poster. contrast is a powerful element of design, it allows an artist to pull attention to either one part of the design before taking notice of everything else.



Project 1

The most important thing I’ve learned through this project is how dependent we are on symbols and Representative figures. I constantly found myself fighting my instincts of design to avoid creating figures. I’ve also learned that with simple shapes or random cut outs a composition can create a better layout. As for the pattern part of the project i had never realized how you can make patters with A simple movement or reflection.



The reason i choose more than the required 3 is because i felt like each picture of texture had a unique look and feel. from jagged and a sharp texture to a bumpy but close texture. the reason i choose these texture is because it gives me more variety, it allows me to work with different variations of texture. i can easily come up with new textures taking inspiration from multiple pictures



As a future designer its always important to not only look at the work of future competitors but also people who could influence your future work. Through this post I found the work of Courtney Brendle from RISD (Rhode island school of design) the reason I choose her work is because her work not only left me very impressed but her style of art felt unique and carefully done. looking through her work her work seems to be drawn by crayon which gives it a sense of carefulness, even though its all been done through Photoshop her style gives her work as thought it was hand drawn which might actually be her process. A great style and wonderful work.


Perks of A CUNY ID

Going through perks of A cuny Id there were very few which really interested me. two that mostly stuck out to me was the 40% discounts we can receive from Levono (computer manufacturing company) for their products, they have decent computers and laptops for designers and gamers. Another really interesting perk if the reduced price of admission from $19 to $10 to the metropolitan opera house backstage tour, which gives the public tours of the behind the scenes of Broadway plays these tours are mostly available during fall’s performances. both are very interesting perks to check out.





thumbnail sketches are a main part of the design process, it allows you to brainstorm a concept or idea and figure multiple ways of going by it. Thumbnails although very tedious are very important to a designer it gives them a sense of direction and allows them to pick and choose from various options. this allows you to see what can work and wont work. its time consuming but saves you from the gruesome disappointment of creating a mediocre or a design not worth your time.



Alfred Sisley unknown and uncommon name. his use of impressionism allowed him to focus more of the surroundings itself, he painted what he saw but only painting people as blobs of pink, just piles of flesh in clothes strolling about. through this article we learn about Sisley who through his time was appreciated for his landscape impressionist painting but as time had passed he was soon over shadowed by impressionist like George Seurat, and Monet. now many people have recently found an interest once again in his art. The Bruce museum will be holding an event to appreciate the artist’s work from January 21- may 21 2017. the article mostly focuses on the life of Sisley who had lost everything during the Franco-Prussian war and fled to France to fight for the failing army of France. his experimentation with a different color palette with his post war paintings but sticking with his signature style of impressionism, the article focuses on parts of his life and how after many years he’s getting his due.



Hi my name is Anthony Murillo. I’m a graphic design major and this class is required, one of the many important foundation I believe in design is principles, how stuff should be done, The effects each thing can have on an individuals design. My goal in general for this class and design as well is to better understand myself when it comes to colors and the effect it has with the surrounding the artwork itself. I enjoy making illustrations from my sketches and combining the elements I’ve learned around my time as a student. Some of my inspirations when it comes to design is Milton Glaser recently becoming familiar with his work. I was so inspired with his Bob Dylan poster that I used the same style in one of my own designs.  So what I find inspiring is work with vivid moving colors. I find I work best when I’m listening to anything that’s playing around me and i’m super bored or i have an idea rattling around my head. i mostly enjoy using lead pencil and when I feel more serious I use pen which makes me feel more free. I am currently not interested in collaborating with anything at the moment but if an opportunity presents itself and I find it interest I am most likely up for it.