Hi my name is Anthony Murillo. I’m a graphic design major, one of the many important foundation I believe in design is principles, how stuff should be done, The effects each thing can have on an individuals design. My goal in general for design is to better understand myself when it comes to colors and the effect it has with the surrounding the artwork itself. I enjoy making illustrations from my sketches and combining the elements I’ve learned around my time as a student. Some of my inspirations when it comes to design is Milton Glaser recently becoming familiar with his work. I was so inspired with his Bob Dylan poster that I used the same style in one of my own designs.  So what I find inspiring is work with vivid moving colors. I find I work best when I’m listening to anything that’s playing around me or I have an idea rattling around my head.  I am currently not interested in collaborating with anything/anyone at the moment but if an opportunity presents itself and I find it interesting I am most likely up for it.

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