Course Syllabi

Construction Management I3 cl hrs | Syllabus:  1221

A thorough overview of the construction process from the planning phase to successful completion. Topics include formal and informal communication formats, the design and construction process, types of contracts, responsibilities of project participants, contract documents, schedules, payments, building codes, and safety. Formal and informal communication are addressed through a series of spoken and written assignments culminating in a written report. Project safety is addressed in a required 10-hour OSHA certification training course. Upon successful (exam) completion, the student earns a certification card from OSHA.

Methods and Materials of Construction II | 1 cl hr, 2 lab hrs | Syllabus: 1224

This course covers the fundamentals of the major categories of any building construction project: foundation & substructure, the superstructure (structural frame); the building enclosure and interior work; and the site work. Currently used methods and materials of construction are emphasized. Cast-in-place and precast concrete frame construction; masonry construction; steel frame construction; curtain wall construction systems; interior finishes as well as an overview of Sustainable Construction and Green Building Design including the LEED – Green Building Rating System are covered

Construction Management II3 cl hrs | Syllabus: 2321

An introduction to advanced planning, management techniques and computer applications. Topics covered include an expanded knowledge of the pre-construction and construction processes; a further understanding of construction and labor law; risk allocation and safety; accounting principles; material testing and quality control techniques; and changes, claims and disputes as well as discussion of the role of the project manager and project superintendent during the entire process. Students also study the LEED rating system and take a LEED certification exam at the end of this course (if qualified).

Construction Management III3 cl hrs | Syllabus: 2421

Builds on the concepts developed in Construction Management II to give a thorough understanding of the current practices for planning, documenting, managing, and analyzing construction projects. Students use industry standard computer scheduling software in preparing a Critical Path Method (CPM) project schedule and study the use of value engineering (VE) workshop to reduce construction costs.

Construction Techniques in Civil Engineering1 cl hr, 2 lab hrs | Syllabus: 2457

Construction project management and heavy construction techniques, including buildings and civil engineering type structures (highways & bridges). Topics include construction management, professional ethics, contracts, and CPM scheduling. Sustainable Construction and the LEED Green Building Rating System are also introduced. The fundamentals of any construction project are covered in detail, including concrete, steel, masonry, and wood construction methods. The New York City Building and Zoning Codes and A.A.S.H.T.O are references. Each student is required to submit a research paper at the end of the semester, and must select a topic that is related to the construction of a reinforced concrete building, structural steel building or a civil engineering type structure.

Construction Management for Civil Engineering Technologists4 cl hrs | Syllabus: 3520

A thorough overview of advanced planning and management techniques for the construction process. Topics include project communications, CPM scheduling, safety, construction processes, risk allocation, accounting principles, material testing and quality control techniques, change orders, claims and disputes. Project safety is addressed in a 10-hour OSHA certification training course. Students also study the LEED rating system and take a LEED certification exam (if qualified). Industry standard computer scheduling software, industry standard project management software and the use of value engineering (VE) workshop to reduce construction costs are also covered. This course is open to civil engineering technology students only.

Professional Practice & Ethics | 3 cr hrs | Syllabus: 4403 | WRIC – WRIC (Writing Intensive)

An overview of professional practices and ethical concepts in the interrelations between the architecture, engineering, and construction professions. A strong emphasis is placed on problem solving, improving presentation skills, and using professional communication to achieve project goals. Students are expected to write, speak, and present weekly, with regular formal presentations throughout the semester. This writing intensive course requires students to present their research in different written formats and to both provide and incorporate peer feedback into their revisions.

Quality Assurance | 3 cl hrs | Syllabus: 4471Topics include: the established quality elements of management responsibility; documented quality management system; design control; document control; purchasing; product identification and traceability; process control; inspection and testing; inspection, measuring, and test equipment; inspection and test status; nonconformance; corrective action; quality records; quality audits and training, documented in ISO 9000, 9001: 2000 FTA QA/QC Guidelines.

Senior Capstone Project | Writing Intensive 1 cl hr, 4 lab hrs | Syllabus: 4800

Integrates diverse elements of the curriculum and develops student competence using both technical and non-technical skills to solve problems. Students work in teams to solve a comprehensive problem from concept to final design, preparation of construction documents and cost estimates. Non-technical skills such as presentation skills, teamwork, accountability and ethics are emphasized. This course should be taken in the final semester of the Bachelor of Technology Degree.