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Faculty/Student Library Advisory Committee (FSLAC) Priorities Spring 2022

The library is open and its resources are available in person and virtually. Discussed for this semester at today’s meeting –

  • Updates: What’s happening at the Library this Spring?
    • Service restoration, more open hours, study rooms open, all computer labs open
    • Challenges: materials budget, hiring CAs

For questions in your discipline: library subject specialists

To offer your feedback on the library (for students): Students, the City Tech Library would love your feedback! (

To request a research appointment: Request a Research Appointment | Ursula C. Schwerin Library (

For City Tech’s library tutorials: City Tech Library CUNY – YouTube

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New Student Research Topics – CMCE 4403 Professional Practice & Ethics

Students have chosen their topics for research, discussion, and presentation in the 2022 spring semester of CMCE 4403 Professional Practice and Ethics. I expect great conversations on the following topics-

  • Abandoned Olympics Stadiums and Wasted Venues; Relevant Date Range: 1936-present
  • Henri Pézerat and the Amisol asbestos factory; Relevant Date Range: 1974-1999
  • Replacing Rikers Island with “Humane” Borough-based jails: The NYC DDC plan; Relevant Date Range: 2017-present
  • Boston construction double fatality and subsequent penalties; Relevant date range 2021-2022
  • Concrete Testing Lab Fraud in NYC; Relevant date range: 2005-2019
  • How Did Insurance Ethics Incentivize Behavior in a Post-Hurricane Katrina World?; Relevant Date Range: 2005-2010
  • The Ethical Challenges of Micro Apartments in NYC; 2000-present
  • Katowice Trade Hall Collapse; Relevant Date Range: 2006
  • Bloomberg Pay-to-Play Scheme; Relevant date range: 2015-2020
  • Boston’s John Hancock Tower design failures; Relevant date range: 1970-1977
  • RaPower-3 LLC and International Automated Systems, Inc. Fraudulent Solar; Relevant date range: 2015-2016
  • Japan’s Architect, Hidetsugu Aneha, and the Fraudulent Earthquake Data; Relevant date range: 2005-2008
  • Collusion and Bid Rigging Delay Denver Convention Center Project; Relevant date range: 2018-present
  • Pemberton Mill Collapse; Relevant Date Range: 1860
  • HOLC (Home Owners’ Loan Corporation) maps and redlining in NYC; Relevant Date Range: 1930s-1940s
  • El Hoyo Club Fire; Relevant Date Range: 1988-1989
  • Facebook’s Discriminating Ad-serving Algorithm; Relevant Date Range: 2019-present
  • The Knickerbocker Theater Collapse; Relevant Date Range: 1922
  • Displacement, Robert Moses, and the Cross-Bronx Expressway; Relevant Date Range: 1940-1972
  • Andrew Siemaszko, Davis-Besse’s Lead Nuclear Engineer; Relevant Date Range: 1999-2008
  • Five Women, Richard Meier, and Architecture’s #MeToo Moment; Relevant Date Range: 2018-present
  • Sales of Racist and Flawed Data Recognition Software by Amazon to Police; Relevant Date Range: 2019-present
  • Consumer Privacy vs. Data Mining in Smart Buildings Relevant Date Range: current

Good luck!

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Congratulations to new CRSP & ESP Award Recipients!

I’m pleased to be mentoring a new team of undergraduate researchers this fall: Jude Vallon, Calvin Waters, Kalalie Flomo, and returning researcher, Aalaa Mohammed. These award recipients will be working with me on the project, “Investigating Project Success Factors in Post-Disaster Rebuilding Efforts in NYC.”

Learn more about the CUNY Research Scholars Program (CRSP) and Emerging Scholars Program (ESP) here: Undergraduate Research – City Tech (


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