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Entry 12

App 2 – Brainsparker

Brainsparker is an app that helps with creative ideas. The app kick starts your creativity by lending you inspiration as creative prompts. It offers many things in the form of words, quotes, images, actions, and questions. Below are the first pages you’ll see when you join.

The app have these vibrant colored cards that you can click on and there will be random, words, quotes, images, actions and questions that you will see and spark a thought from.

After I chose some cards, these were some of the things I saw;

I think this is a really cool and exciting app because these are some things I wouldn’t regularly so it does spark ideas and thoughts and motivation. I think visually it would perhaps make my mind more versatile and help with pictographic memory because I sometimes get my ideas that way when I am in my thinking process and planning things for my project. This was a very fun experience, I never knew this existed till I went through the link provided by my Internship Professor and I think I should really get into researching about things that could help me become a better designer.

Entry 11

App 1 – Paymo

Paymo is an excellent task management app. It helps to manage many things like creating schedules, tracking work time, billing your clients and timesheet reporting.

I would definitely like to improve in my task management because sometimes I forget to list certain objectives I would like to meet by the end of the week and I think this app would be helpful for me. I also need help with time management and this app goes hand in hand with task and time management.

It’s definitely essential for a Graphic Designer to have this app because we can get carried away with time and not realize it so it’s convenient to have all these options in one app.

Another important task this app helps with is Timesheet Reporting and I think that’s so helpful because then we wouldn’t have to create a separate google doc to always fill out, we can just have our timesheets filled in on our phones.

Another important task this app helps with, is Team Scheduling and I think Designers often need to do this through text or email which can be a hassle because sometimes people aren’t available to reply instantly. I know this from the experience I’ve had from my Brooklyn College Internship because our Internship advisor would text us at a certain time and not all the Interns would reply. But this app would help to manage team scheduling by showing who’s schedule is open and available or overbooked.

Another cool feature of this app is that you are able to bill your clients and through it. Overall I would say this is an app I would definitely use for my whole career because it has all my essential needs and it would help to organize my schedule more than how it usually is. I would be able to track how many hours I work and charge my clients for that amount of hours. Paymo would make my life more simple and very much organized and less stressed.

Entry 9

Team Work

In the Brooklyn College Internship, we are working in teams by splitting up the work and sharing files among the 3 other interns. I am learning to communicate better and being open to suggestions by the other interns. I am also getting used to waking up early at 9am because I am not a morning person at all.

I like the experience that I am building on in this internship because even though we are virtually meeting, it does feel like a friendly workspace and seems like it would be more fun if it were in person.

We are currently working on using the Accessibility Checker in Adobe Acrobat Pro to correct mistakes in the Brooklyn College Academic Assessment Handbook. Isana sent me some links to watch videos about this and how to correct these mistakes. It was definitely a good learning experience because I was completely new to this. Below are the links:

I was able to learn some basics but I did have a little trouble editing it so I opened it in Microsoft Word to make the edits. But here is a screenshot of my screen and what I was editing in the file:

This was a file that Isana wanted us to practice on and she let us know we might be working on it as we are getting to the end of the semester, but she wanted us to get familiar with it. I definitely did learn a little about how to use Acrobat Pro more and I think I can build more on it.

Entry 8

Brooklyn College Internship

So far Isana has been very flexible with my schedule. We have been having meetings from 9:00am – 9:30am so she can let us know what needs to be done and she gives us the time frame of when we should have it done by.

I have been working on updating info in the Brooklyn College Fact Sheet, so I am mostly working in the indesign file while the other interns worked on updating bar charts/graphs using Microsoft Excel. I also has to update the info with the new data they created. After updating the info I have to save it as a new version and upload it to the BC Factsheet folder with my name in it and save the old version as well. So far everything has been going smoothly and I am looking forward to creating some portfolio pieces from this internship!

Entry 7

Internships & Interview

After a week of applying to the internships, I received emails from all three of them. After speaking with the ‘Calling All Graphics’ internship manager I figured she was looking for a motion designer and my expertise was more in Graphic Design so I did not move forward with this internship. Then the Brooklyn College internship manager Isana Leshchinskaya emailed me asking when would I be available for an interview, and I let her know the time. Afterwards, I also received an email from NYPIRG as well but I chose not to move forward with it because it wasn’t really in my interest.

During the interview Isana let me know everything about the kind of work I would be doing and how my schedule would be looking, along with what would be expected of me and the 3 other interns she has. She was very kind and made me feel very comfortable and welcomed already, so I was happy to move forward with this internship.

Entry 6

Designing my Resume & Portfolio

At this point I was in a better position to apply internships because I finally had my portfolio ready and to show my work. I felt more confident than I did in applying in the beginning of the semester because I did not have a portfolio or designed resume.

This was because I am taking portfolio class this semester along with internship. So I barely got to start making my portfolio or designing my resume in Portfolio class. I ended up having browse portfolio websites and decided to use Adobe Indesign, but I was still in the process of designing my resume, so I applied to Brooklyn College, NYPIRG and Calling All Graphics with my regular resume. I was told by Professor Geotz that these internships were definitely looking for one or two more interns so I applied to them right away.

Designing the portfolio was really simple and easy because the Adobe Portfolio website had an easy layout to work with, and I also had to play around with it for an hour to see how to upload my design pieces properly. After creating the portfolio I continued to design my resume and wait for a reply from the internships I applied to.

Entry 5 – Networking Event #2

NYT x CUNY Design Series: Design at The Times

In this networking event, I was able to get first hand experience from New York Times employees and learn about their journey to how they were able to get a job at the NY Times company. They were extremely kind and inspirational. It was interesting to hear the different struggles each of them went through, but one thing they had in common was they kept pushing themselves to constantly get more and more experience in design even if it wasn’t in their area of expertise. I felt like this was something very ambitious and inspiring of them because I that’s one of my weaknesses.

There were three guest speakers but one of them chose to be anonymous, so this is some info about two of them.


  • Attended the University of MaryLand
  • Focused on UX Design/Information Systems
  • His first job was at an Agency making websites
  • Worked at Goldman Sachs – Designing Software

Advice from Luis

  • Be able to talk about the process how your design evolved
  • Don’t rely on class projects, find a real life problem and see how you can solve it with design, interview people, research.
  • Design Thinking – How does it apply, tone, voice

Jordan Jacobson

  • Attended University of Kansas
  • Moved to NYC 3 years after graduating
  • Applied to an Ad Agency Internship
  • Got hired as a Junior Art Director

Advice from Jordan

  • Effective Speaking – Be confident to present your ideas.
  • Articulate the reason why you did the work.
  • In an interview, present your idea by saying “here’s what I was trying to solve”.
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Entry 4 – Networking Event

Society of Design Arts + AIGA Baltimore

“Design and Political Resistance in Chile”

From this networking event, I learned that the power of design was used to create posters to incorporate democracy in Chile. Designing posters were seen as such a powerful thing that these designers were called ‘mechanic artists’. The posters were the people’s voice against dictatorship. Since this was becoming a drawback for the dictatorship, the ‘Cleansing Operation’ was enforced on the people of Chile by the military. Posters were ripped off walls, all over the city and anyone caught printing propaganda subversively would suffer from punishment. Books were burned, men’s hair was cut short and with their nationalist ideology, they culturally implemented dictatorship into everyday life. This caused production methods to change since graphic artists were being persecuted, which led to activist groups.An activist group called the Chicago Boys, dismantled the dictatorship to incorporate democracy, created a collective voice and ‘culture resistance’. Another activist workshop called, ‘Cultural Center Tallersol’ worked with organizations to use their design power to speak through their posters.

A quote that stood out to me was:

“Wherever there is a social experiment, there is a poster”.

Below are some images of posters and important quotes from the event:

Applying to the Brooklyn Navy Yard

I applied to the Brooklyn Navy Yard because it seemed like they had a professional support system for interns. I am a bit nervous about starting to connect with the real world but I feel like the Brooklyn Navy Yard will push me out of my comfort zone to face the real world head-on. I know this because of the support I would get from professional career advisors and because of the many connections the Brooklyn Navy Yard has with business owners and industry leaders. I know I would get the best out of an internship here because of how strong the support system is, which would give a boost to my experience. 

I would love to be a part of this strong community of the Yard because of the vigorous training I would receive. Although we are still in a pandemic, I feel like I would have an astounding time working remotely with the Yard. It will build me as a designer and keep me fascinated with my work at home. I know Brooklyn Navy Yard is the right internship for me because it helps hardworking students become stronger in their workplace. I hope to be a more confident speaker because I can be quiet sometimes, but I know the Brooklyn Navy Yard will help me put a lot of effort and work into becoming an influential graphic designer.

Creating a Portfolio

To create an E-Portfolio, I had to gather all of my projects that I knew would make really good portfolio pieces and polish them. I also used Adobe Portfolio to create it, which was very confusing at first but after 2 days I understood how to use it and it was pretty easy and to just upload the work. Since my favorite color is blue, I put my name in a pastel blue color on a white theme. I also added a picture of myself.

Afterwards, it felt good to see my work being displayed because I put a lot of effort into these pieces and they looked very polished. I also added a section for my photography because I loved taking photos of flowers and other beautiful views of the sky. I added an ‘about me’ section so the viewer can get to know me and contact me as well. It was very easy to use the portfolio site and I had fun.