About Me

My name is Amena Miah. I started college at the age of 17 in the fall semester and now I am in my fourth year of college majoring in Graphic Design. My interest in art started from a very young age, I loved to draw for fun and that was also when I felt my best. This hobby continued all the way up to college and that was when I chose Graphic Design as my major. Throughout my three years of college, I feel like I have learned about art beyond the pencil and paper. I learned to observe what kind of feeling or vibe my design gave and whether it connected to the topic or not. I also learned about typographical design and how it complements the whole look of the project. I enjoy applying my knowledge to my work because I feel like I have better insight on designing than I did as a freshman. I am hoping to find a job as soon as I graduate because I am eager to work in the real world in my field of interest. I feel like college has made me ready for the real world and now I feel like the hard work is soon going to pay-off. I hope that I can build a strong career from my design experience.