Entry 11

App 1 – Paymo

Paymo is an excellent task management app. It helps to manage many things like creating schedules, tracking work time, billing your clients and timesheet reporting.

I would definitely like to improve in my task management because sometimes I forget to list certain objectives I would like to meet by the end of the week and I think this app would be helpful for me. I also need help with time management and this app goes hand in hand with task and time management.

It’s definitely essential for a Graphic Designer to have this app because we can get carried away with time and not realize it so it’s convenient to have all these options in one app.

Another important task this app helps with is Timesheet Reporting and I think that’s so helpful because then we wouldn’t have to create a separate google doc to always fill out, we can just have our timesheets filled in on our phones.

Another important task this app helps with, is Team Scheduling and I think Designers often need to do this through text or email which can be a hassle because sometimes people aren’t available to reply instantly. I know this from the experience I’ve had from my Brooklyn College Internship because our Internship advisor would text us at a certain time and not all the Interns would reply. But this app would help to manage team scheduling by showing who’s schedule is open and available or overbooked.

Another cool feature of this app is that you are able to bill your clients and through it. Overall I would say this is an app I would definitely use for my whole career because it has all my essential needs and it would help to organize my schedule more than how it usually is. I would be able to track how many hours I work and charge my clients for that amount of hours. Paymo would make my life more simple and very much organized and less stressed.