Entry 12

App 2 – Brainsparker

Brainsparker is an app that helps with creative ideas. The app kick starts your creativity by lending you inspiration as creative prompts. It offers many things in the form of words, quotes, images, actions, and questions. Below are the first pages you’ll see when you join.

The app have these vibrant colored cards that you can click on and there will be random, words, quotes, images, actions and questions that you will see and spark a thought from.

After I chose some cards, these were some of the things I saw;

I think this is a really cool and exciting app because these are some things I wouldn’t regularly so it does spark ideas and thoughts and motivation. I think visually it would perhaps make my mind more versatile and help with pictographic memory because I sometimes get my ideas that way when I am in my thinking process and planning things for my project. This was a very fun experience, I never knew this existed till I went through the link provided by my Internship Professor and I think I should really get into researching about things that could help me become a better designer.