Entry 9

Team Work

In the Brooklyn College Internship, we are working in teams by splitting up the work and sharing files among the 3 other interns. I am learning to communicate better and being open to suggestions by the other interns. I am also getting used to waking up early at 9am because I am not a morning person at all.

I like the experience that I am building on in this internship because even though we are virtually meeting, it does feel like a friendly workspace and seems like it would be more fun if it were in person.

We are currently working on using the Accessibility Checker in Adobe Acrobat Pro to correct mistakes in the Brooklyn College Academic Assessment Handbook. Isana sent me some links to watch videos about this and how to correct these mistakes. It was definitely a good learning experience because I was completely new to this. Below are the links:

I was able to learn some basics but I did have a little trouble editing it so I opened it in Microsoft Word to make the edits. But here is a screenshot of my screen and what I was editing in the file:

This was a file that Isana wanted us to practice on and she let us know we might be working on it as we are getting to the end of the semester, but she wanted us to get familiar with it. I definitely did learn a little about how to use Acrobat Pro more and I think I can build more on it.