Valuably Enhanced Quotes w/ Explanation

Valuably Enhanced Quote Visual 1: I feel like this concept conveys the meaning of my quote visually because the Fledgling is learning how to fly from the nest and it is a bit scary for them to learn because they can also fall and hit the ground. Unfortunately, this is how they learn and they have to be brave to try their best and be careful when they are learning but the mother will also be there to help. This is how the grow from their fear of falling while trying to learn how to fly. I used the  typeface Apple Chancery because I felt that the image itself is very classic and I felt like a script typeface would suit the visual more.

Valuably Enhanced Quote Visual 2: I feel like this concept conveys the meaning of my quote visually because a lot of people have stage fright including me, and I personally noticed that after continuously presenting my projects throughout this semester in my Graphic Principles 2 class, I definitely did have a growth. I learned to stay calm, not worry about people staring at me and just present what I created with pride and effort. I also feel like this typeface which is Bradley Hand, suits the visual because it is like a cartoon typeface and I feel like it flows with the visual.

Valuably Enhanced Quote Visual 3: I feel that this concept conveys the meaning of my quote visually because the hands ripping the rope makes me think of a person breaking barriers that they are afraid of and finally realizing that they cannot be controlled. I feel like this is a very strong visual against fear and it resembles rebellion. I feel like this typeface which is Herculanum, goes with this visual because it is very simplistic like the visual and along with the type of drawing it is.

This is my first post.

My Logo/Banner represents me because I really love makeup and it is something that I am really passionate about. I have done makeup on my friends for events and I really enjoyed it. I feel that it is a talent because it is not so easy to make every makeup product so easily and make it look smooth. Also, my favorite color is mauve and I love mauve lipsticks because I feel that it is the only pink that looks great with my skin tone. I also love pastel blue because I feel like the color is very calming and get rid of my stress when I look at it (which is why I painted my room pastel blue). I also love sparkles so I decided to make my sparkles pastel blue. I have a love for floral designs because the vines make the flowers look so pretty and it is something that I loved to look at since I was a little girl. Therefore, I decided to add it to my banner because it also reminds me of henna tattoos and I love drawing flowers with vines when I do henna tattoos for my sisters. I had to have the lashes and and eyebrow on my banner because if you see me, you will always see that I have my brows done and lashes on. It is something I have been doing since my sophomore year in high school and I consider a part of how I want to express myself.