PowerPoint Files and OpenStax Textbook

LINK TO THE OPENSTAX TEXTBOOK  (new third edition)

The PowerPoint files for this class without any voice narration are at the bottom of this page.  Please scroll down to the heading “SILENT POWERPOINT FILES.”

The following section consists of videos that I used in previous semesters after the changeover to distance learning.  I am not currently assigning them, but rather, am doing all of the teaching live with Zoom, but if you find any of them helpful, by all means feel free to make use of them.  Please note that no updates have been made to them since 2020.

Also, if you’d like to watch additional videos on these same topics from a Harvard instructor, click here.



Civil Liberties, Part 1 (freedom of religion)

Civil Liberties, Part 2 (freedom of speech)


The Right to Privacy Cases (including Roe v. Wade) (leftover from Chapter 4)

Gay Rights and the Gay Marriage Case (leftover from Chapter 5)

Public Opinion  (Chapter 6)

Voting Rights and the Shelby County Case  (Chapter 7)

How the Presidential Election Works  (Chapter 7)

Campaign Finance and the Citizens United Ruling  (Chapter 7)

Political Parties  (Chapter 9)

Today’s Parties:  Some Further Thoughts  (Chapter 9)

Interest Groups  (Chapter 10)



Congress and the Legislative Process  (Chapter 11)

The Filibuster:  A Post-Script to the Congress Video (Chapter 11)

Gerrymandering  (relevant to Chapters 9 and 11)

The Presidency (Chapter 12)

The Federal Judiciary, Part 1 (Chapter 13)

The Federal Judiciary, Part 2 (Chapter 13)

Reminder:  SKIP Chapter 14.

The Federal Bureaucracy (Chapter 15)

Economic Policy (Chapter 16)

Social Welfare Policy (Chapter 16)

Foreign Policy, Part 1 (Chapter 17)

Foreign Policy, Part 2 (Chapter 17)


SILENT POWERPOINT FILES (as used in the classroom and in live online class sessions)

Chapter 1:  Course Introduction intro_Spring2022

Chapter 2:  The Constitution constitu.  And here is the document itself.  Also, the supplementary reading assignments tab has links to the documents from the convention and the ratification debates of 1787-88.

Chapter 3:  Federalism  federal

Chapter 4:   Civil Liberties  religion,  speechaccused. 

Chapter 5:  Civil Rights  civ_rts


privacyrace  samesex

Chapter 6:  Public Opinion opinion

Chapter 7:  Voting and Elections Voting Rights, campaign_finance, elections

Chapter 8:  The Media  (no PowerPoint for this chapter)

Chapter 9:  Political Parties parties,  parties_today

Chapter 10:  Interest Groups and Lobbying interest


Chapter 11:  Congress congress, gerrymandering

Chapter 12:  The Presidency presexec

Chapter 13:  The Federal Judiciary courts

(Skip Chapter 14.)

Chapter 15:  The Federal Bureaucracy bureau

Chapter 16:  Domestic Policy welfare economic

Chapter 17:  Foreign Policy foreign

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