Friday, 1:30 p.m.: Looks Like It’s Bye-Bye Trump (but not officially yet)

Biden needs 270 electoral votes.  How many electoral votes does he have now?  That actually depends on which news site you look at.  Associated Press and Fox regard Arizona, with its 11 electoral votes, as decisively won by Biden even as the vote count continues, but the New York Times is being more cautious.  Thus, the Times tells that Biden has 253 electoral votes in the bag, while other news outlets are calling it 264.

If Biden has 264 votes, then all he needs is Nevada.  But the way things look now, Biden seems on track to win Pennsylvania, which has 20 electoral votes, in which case any other states would be bonus.  Here’s the thing about Pennsylvania:  Two days ago, Trump was ahead by at least 7 percentage points.  However, we were assured, once the absentee ballots were counted, Biden would win.  So far, that seems to be correct, because Trump’s lead over the last two days kept inching down, and this morning Biden overtook the lead.  Given that all that’s left to count in any significant number in Pennsylvania is mail-in ballots, and given that the mail-in ballots so far have been overwhelmingly in Biden’s favor, it doesn’t look plausible that Trump can retake the lead.

There’s yet another state that Biden may win, which hasn’t been considered all that much of a swing state, and that’s Georgia.  Biden pulled ahead of Trump there this morning, and as in Pennsylvania, since it’s mainly the mail-in ballots being counted, and since Biden voters were the ones who trusted mail-in voting, Georgia is looking pretty good for Biden.  And again, Biden doesn’t need Georgia.  Pennsylvania alone will give him a win, and without Pennsylvania, if he can keep his lead in both Arizona and Nevada, he will have won.

Trump, meanwhile, seems to think he’s rightfully won the election and thinks that the counting of mail-in ballots that takes away his lead in those key states is a big colossal fraud.  You’ve heard me say before that I can’t pretend to be neutral about Trump, and his behavior at present fits right in with the complete lack of dignity that he has brought to the office of the presidency and the complete lack of respect that he has for the responsibilities of the office, which include taking loss in an election a bit more gracefully.

There’s a lot that still needs to be said about the Senate, but for now, I’ll just note that it doesn’t look very promising for the Democrats to retake the majority.  I’ll post more on that after the counting is farther along, but I can say right now that two races in Georgia, one regular and one special, are heading for run-offs in January, and even if Georgia’s voters vote for Biden, that’s no predictor that they’ll vote Democratic in these two January contests.  Again, more on that on a later date.  Meanwhile, please keep watching the news updates; the major political news feeds are on the right of the main OpenLab page.


4 thoughts on “Friday, 1:30 p.m.: Looks Like It’s Bye-Bye Trump (but not officially yet)

  1. Aaron Arroyo

    Well, looks like Biden won.

    Can’t say I’m happy that someone with dementia is now potentially the most powerful man in the world, but whatever.

    We’ll see if he does better than Trump. It isn’t a very high bar to pass, so maybe.

    1. Benjamin F. Alexander Post author

      Yes, Mr. Arroyo, I remember your opinion that Biden has dementia. I can only say that it’s not an opinion I share, especially after watching him in the debates and the town hall meeting. But we shall see how things go from here.

  2. Hermena smith

    I am so glad that Donald Trump lost. our country was headed in the wrong directions. We need help with the virus. We need jobs, money, and a place to stay. If Biden has dementia what would you say that Donald Trump has? The man has no heart for anyone. He just wants to keep putting more money from the tax-payers in his pocket. Our country is in a world of trouble. We have no friends. All of the foreign countries hates us because of Donald Trump. He will go downs as the worst president in the history of our country.


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