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What Is a Diversity Visa?

To Trump voters, the word “diversity” is, and has been for a long time, a code word for all kinds of sinister plots against the fabric of their country as they imagine it to be.  So when Trump announces that the terrorist who murdered eight people and injured many others with a truck Tuesday night (Oct. 31) got into the country through a “diversity visa” in a program that was “a Chuck Schumer beauty,” he won’t have to work to persuade his support base that he’s in office now to protect them from the liberals who want to give the country away to its enemies.

But what exactly is a diversity visa?  Here’s a quick guide, from NBC News.

And it was enacted, in part, to help more Italians and Irish get in, as this political science professor at Brooklyn College explains in an article in Politico Magazine, November 1, 2017.