Trump Listens to His Lawyers

It has been clear to me in both the campaign and the presidency itself that Trump does not do a lot of consulting with advisers about what is good strategy and good sense.  During the campaign, he only reluctantly let party advisers instruct him on which states to concentrate on with his speeches and rallies, and both before and after become president he has made lots of tweets that no responsible adviser would approve of.

But I do believe he listens to his lawyers.  He’s had to consult with lawyers all the time as a businessman, particularly as a crooked one, because it’s his lawyers’ job to tell him what he can and can’t technically get away with (which is all I think he cares about).  I am sure, for example, that his lawyers told him early on in the primary campaigns to stop encouraging supporters to beat up protesters and hecklers, since (as we see in Chapter 4 of the Sidlow text) encouraging “imminent lawless action” is not protected as free speech.  And now, as the Robert Mueller investigation proceeds, his lawyers have advised him to shut up about it in his tweets and to cooperate.

As I write this, it’s Sunday afternoon, and rumor has it that some new developments may break tomorrow.

New York Times article, September 28, 2017.

Trump’s own Twitter feed, posted here September 29, 2017, when the latest posts were about this subject..  For Trump, these new tweets are fairly restrained.  He talks about the Democrats, but not Mueller.  And that’s because of his lawyers.


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