A Post-Script about Trump’s Reaction

I’ve been saying right along that I am skeptical of whether Trump seriously wants to win this election and become president.  If you click here and scroll down to the words “Never underestimate Trump’s ability to misplay a winning hand,” you can get another example of why.  Inexperience does not explain anything here, because Trump, like any other candidate, can conjure up advisers by the dozens who will tell him exactly what he needs to do to gain an advantage in an election.  The problem (for the party) is that he isn’t like any other candidate, and this doesn’t seem to be what he wants to do.  I’m not complaining about that, of course, just observing.

(I posted a question on the Discussion Board about whether Trump seriously wants to win.  As I note there, you can make a case either way, depending on what you look at.  What I’m posting here just happens to be my own take on it.)


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