Some Pundits Think Clinton Has Finished Trump Off

I’ve already posted the link to Matt Bai’s column in the Discussion section; here’s what Nate Silver, keeper of the fivethirtyeight poll watch site, has to say:

Since I was looking for Trump to go totally wild and out of control, and he didn’t, it wasn’t obvious to me that this debate had been bad for his image.  I also made the comment, based on the first half hour or so, that if I didn’t know any better I’d think I was watching something that was taped three weeks ago, since it took them so long to get to the question of his groping women, and they seemed to calm and civilized and issue-centered.  But when it comes to Hillary winning, which seems to be the consensus of polls so far, what’s quite significant is that the moderator was a conservative who asked her some tough questions about her own character and background, and she answered them well.

The major headline from the debate seems to be Trump’s refusal to promise he’ll concede the election if he loses.  Like a lot of other things, I would have had no way of knowing this would make news, because it’s no surprise to me.  At one point Hillary rattled off a list of times when he didn’t get what he wanted and claimed systems were rigged, including when he didn’t win an Emmy for “The Apprentice.”  Trump walked right into that trap by chiming in, matter-of-factly, “We should have won an Emmy.”

In any case, though, since I was a little worried that this debate would help Trump, I am relieved to see that others don’t think it will.  Of course, there’s no telling what new dramatic twists this real-life horror movie will take between now and the election–and after.

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