Michelle Obama Speech Scores High, Even with Glenn Beck

On Thursday, October 13, Michelle Obama delivered a speech at a New Hampshire fundraiser where she called the whole situation with the Donald Trump campaign disgraceful and intolerable, and said that the nation’s children deserved to have better male role models than a man who is so insulting to women.  Even the conservative pundit Glenn Beck, who at times panders to conspiracy theories and was considered too extreme even for FOX News, had to give her credit.

Article on her speech, thehill.com

Glenn Beck’s reaction, thehill.com 

Full video of the First Lady’s speech

Reminder, by the way:  The third and final debate between Clinton and Trump (for whatever point there is in it) will be Wednesday night, October 19, at 9.  Considering that Trump has been having such a narcissistic meltdown in his speeches this past week, I’m not sure how much of a difference his composure and civility at that debate (if he has any) will make.





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