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“Why Clinton Hasn’t Put Trump Away”: Matt Bai’s column on Yahoo News

Here are Matt Bai’s observations on the first debate.

You get the feeling Clinton wakes up and consults her briefing books, concerned chiefly with avoiding anything off-key. She mentioned her father a few times in the debate, but the lines seemed as well ironed as the pantsuit.

Some of this is just personality, and some of it almost certainly has to do with the burdens of being a woman nominee. The media is quick to see Clinton as shrill or hectoring; emotion of any kind is more perilous for a woman, and no one should pretend otherwise.

But as Karl Rove used to say back in the day (and here he was right), you beat your opponent not by attacking his weakness but by undermining his strength. And emotion — ostensibly on behalf of white, working-class Americans — is the only ballast that keeps allowing Trump to bob back up to the surface.

How about yours?



Judge Roy Moore: The Update

I’ve mentioned Judge Roy Moore of Alabama in connection with his 2002 defeat in federal court when he was insisting on displaying the Ten Commandments in his courtroom.

Well, here’s what he’s up to now:

Once again, it involves Moore’s religious beliefs and his position as a judge at the state level, versus rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court that conflict with same.  This time, it’s about the gay marriage ruling, and Moore is facing ethics charges and possible removal for telling state court judges that they don’t necessarily have to defer to that Supreme Court ruling.



The 538 Blog Forecasts

You may want to bookmark this link and keep checking it.

It’s not a poll, but rather, a forecast made from synthesizing many polls.  The percentage figures at the top are not projected results, but rather, probabilities.  In other words, when it gives Clinton 55% and Trump 45%, it is saying that there is a 45% chance of Trump winning.  And over the weekend of Sept. 24-25, Trump actually caught up with her, even overtaking her on the “if it were held today” scale.  Scrolling down shows you some interesting charts, showing what states it’s going to hinge on.  Here’s the clincher:  If even one blue-leaning state turns to Trump, and nothing else changes, we’ve got Trump for a president.


Edwin Meese, Trump’s Latest Convert


Edwin Meese was Reagan’s conservative attorney general.  Early this year, he was one of the conservatives who told readers of the conservative National Review that Trump is totally unfit to be president.  Now, he’s accepted a position on Trump’s transition team, along with Chris Christie (my governor).  This makes Meese the latest elder statesman who, despite being on record as seeing that the emperor had no clothes, is pretending now to think that yes he does.

New Obama judicial nominee is a Muslim

President Obama has just nominated Abid Riaz Qureshi to be a judge in the federal district court in Washington, DC.  Mr. Qureshi is a Muslim and an attorney in practice in the city.

Ordinarily, of course, the Senate would be scheduling confirmation hearings.  But this is no ordinary year, and the Senate Republicans already have a backlog of Obama judicial nominations that they are purposefully sitting on in hopes that a Republican, even if it’s Donald Trump, will win the upcoming election and fill those vacancies instead.

Story in Politico:

One might wonder whether Obama is hoping Trump will make some bigoted tweets on the subject that will get him back on the defensive as the election draws closer.


Native American Protest in North Dakota

Members of several different Indian nations are camped out and protesting the building of a pipeline through southern North Dakota that will tear apart a sacred burial ground and possibly contaminate their drinking water, and on Wednesday, September 7, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and her running mate Ajamu Baraka joined protesters in the spray painting of bulldozers, causing warrants to be drawn up for their arrests if they return to the state.

New York Times article, Aug. 26, explaining the background

New York Times article, Sept. 7, on the Jill Stein incident

Look Who’s Blowing It Now

In recent days, one of the two leading presidential candidates has been making headlines for apparently not knowing how to run an effective campaign for the presidency.  I am referring, of course, to Hillary Clinton.

The polls and the commentaries on them are full of contradictions.  Some show Trump catching up with Clinton in the polls, even pulling ahead, while still we read reports of pundits and politicians talking about the election as if Clinton had already won it.  Well, I can say something definitive about the outcome of the November election, and that’s this:  I don’t know what’s going to happen, and neither does anybody else.  But my God!  Hillary Clinton is messing it up bigtime!

Politico story about Hillary’s mistakes (Sept. 6)

Politico story about the polls (Sept. 6)

Politico story, example of how some politicians and commentators are acting as if the election were already over  (Sept. 6)

The fact is, the election hasn’t been won, it’s anybody’s guess what’s going to happen, and if Hillary Clinton wants to win, she’s going to have to hold forth with more than just “Trump is crazy.”  Yes he is mentally unbalanced, and yes he is absurdly unfit to be president, but we still need to hear from Hillary Clinton why she should be president.