Next Tuesday

Tuesday, March 15, is going to be a game-changing day.  The point is this: if Marco Rubio wins his home state of Florida and John Kasich wins his home state of Ohio, then there will be some chance of the anti-Trump candidates getting enough delegates for the convention to outnumber Trump’s delegates.  They’ll have a hard time agreeing on whom to nominate instead, but they’ll at least outnumber Trump and presumably knock him out of the running.  But if either one of them loses his respective home state, Trump will be much closer to being assured of enough delegates to nominate him.

News media outlets seem to be doubtful that Rubio and Kasich will pull it off, but they’ve been wrong before.  I don’t know.  I’ll just say this much: I really didn’t think this many Americans would want somebody like Donald Trump to be their president.  So I’m truly in no position to say what’s going to happen next.  And for me, wondering what’s going to happen next is, at the moment, not fun at all.

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