Who’s Voting for Trump?

Who’s voting for Trump?  This guy, for one.

(NPR interview, March 6, 2016.)

Is he making coherent sense, or does he seem to be seeing what he wants to see and believing what he wants to believe?

Would it make any difference to him if he were told that migration from Mexico has already pretty much dried up?

And wow, he actually takes that nonsense about building a wall seriously!

3 thoughts on “Who’s Voting for Trump?

  1. Chad

    I am undecided if I should vote for Trump or not. He is trying to get people wild up about him building a wall where non-immigrants can stay out. Legal immigrants have legal citizenship so they can stay. Your allowed to rights and opinions if your a illegal or legal immigrants. Your voice would still be heard and counted for.

  2. Benjamin F. Alexander Post author

    Well, I’m certainly not in any dilemma. I personally regard the Trump campaign as a fascist movement, and feel very deeply ashamed of how far it has gotten. Immigration from Mexico has declined so much that, even if it were a problem before, it wouldn’t be one now. But regardless of that, this is a man who encourages violence against protesters and encourages hatred against Muslims and Mexicans. I further find that he plays to people who think the bullying and the threat of military force are the only way to deal with the rest of the world, and that this approach equals strength rather than weakness; I regard this as a very dangerous way of thinking: dangerous to ourselves as much as to anyone else. There’s no dilemma for me, just great grief that this man is up there at all. (I’m speaking citizen to citizen, not teacher to pupil here.)

  3. Kenjen

    I have a strong feeling Trump will win…for one people always love the tough guy and that attitude seems like it got him far in his life. Also I think a vast majority of people in this country are filled with hatred and old ways of thinking -the laws we have in place don’t get rid of those ill feelings -it just silences them.
    If Trump wins it’ll be an interesting time in America, but really Kanye West should have been up there competing against Trump. And I found this video kind of funny:



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